monday new person

I have lost count how many days i've had openoffice. It works very well, doesn't crash, and I like the user interface. I am wondering why this is not the default for linux? At least this is available on arch. One more reason to love arch linux.

There you go. I right clicked on a word, on the dialog box, I found something to untick where it checks spelling as you type. I also unticked check grammar as you type. My son is up surprisingly early today. I made some changes to the laptop. I can test them changes from here. I think that is possible when you change that id and the router will not recognize it. I can test that later. In the meantime, keep writing.

She's not herself when she plays that game. I think we need to scale things down a bit. She did not ever finish her meds. That was her responsibility. But I can't instill discipline on her. I am not being positive here. But how do you do that? I don't know. All I know is that lessening time on that will help her get her senses. Or maybe I can limit the streaming on that pc. Why not her tablet as well? I don't know.

Maybe we can do something in here. Why not install raiders in here. That way, her playing time is limited. I think the hardware acceleration, rather, the graphics on this machine is not working well with that game. Do something else.

Like what? Keep writing. Only do this. I will fast today. That is something I can do about. Youngest daughter is already up. Someone turned on the internet a while ago. I have dvorak for programmers. I think it is working ok. I will focus on c, doing that with golang as I go. Then I go for mono and python. Those are on my todo list for now. I am doing this not to get a job, but because they interest me.

This process is different. I am being supported and it is all around me that supports me. I do not have to do anything. It just gets there. Accept that. Allow that and things will fall into place. That is Synchronicity for me. This is what it feels like.

Wife wanted to go for a run in the mornings. I don't like getting up that early. She can work out on her own. I would rather work out in the afternoon, or late mornings. This is who I am. I only want to do that if I can commit to it long term. I don't see it going that way. Why is this teenager hanging out in our house. Do I need to control everything? I think you know the answer to that. It is obnoxious. Is that how she is with her friends? I don't think so. They are just being themselves. I would rather have a more decent conversation. I think that is more enjoyable. So be it.

I don't go to church anymore. It's bullshit. They always make you feel bad. They put you down all the time. You go there and they brainwash you into thinking that you are not a good person and that you need them to be a better person. There is something wrong there.

I also quit the different forex groups on facebook. It's all a venue for scammers. Maybe they are able to help, but I don't like being sold to. That was the intention there. I think there is a more subtle way of doing things. I can write about it in my blog. I havent been in the light withthis for weeks now. It is time to get moving.

I need to make their lunch soon. Kids are getting ready for school. I am now better with dvorak. It feels better to write this way. The fingers do not jump all over the place. I tride something else a while ago and the process did not lign up for me. Do something else.

What else is there? Not much but to continue writing. I can do the unotelly thing from in here. I haven't been into that cloud thing for a while. I can do something about it later. For now, I don't think I will need it. When I need it, it will be there.

I think it is better to be up front with things. He paid for the gas anyway, and the food. I think that is something there. But that is behind me now. This is where things are headeds.

At least she can google it if she really wanted to do things there is something in windows to do that. I think she can look into that herself. If she was diligent about it, she can find crumbs that will solve the problem for her. But only if she becomes that person. I think she will let me figure it out. So be it then. I need to get things ready now.s