now into java

I am putting more interest into java and android dev rather than mono. Mono feels like a bandaid solution to android dev, and like microsoft, there's money involved if you want to go further into learning it.

It's like, “i learned this from someone else and now you have to pay to learn from me.” I don't subscribe to that. Why spend time in a system like that? There are alternatives and I can keep to the open source light with android.

I find it weird that I can't open my xdd. I will try open it in windows or a different system. Last time I played with it, I imported some files into it. And I also ran antivirus on it. But I rememrber that I still put files into that last night. It must have been the antivirus. I will make test to see what happened there.

I was able to open that in my other arch pc. That means it could be that last update. I may have to restart this machine to see if that will work. It seems to have stopped raining. There's still winds today. I will make the kids lunch after 7. I have a lot to learn/go through today. There's c and golang and now java is in the mix. Better to learn java than mono. Same banana, but java is free and open source—that I know of. We'll see. I think there are other resources that I can use to make things work for me.

In the meantime, I will only do this. Two more days and a new chapter opens up. It's always a new chapter. Every moment is a new chapter, if you want to see it that way. Is that bullish? I think it's weak. I can test a buy on support and see what happens.

We are headed into the asian session. Oz will open in a few hours. I think I can watch the market from there. I think paitence is the best strategy with this. But there is something better than patience.

I don't know what that is at the moment, but I feel that energy. Then I will go to that light. I am also writing. I don't need a new url. That's just one more layer of abstraction. Better to go in there and get close to the metal. That wy, I get a better understanding of how theset ings work. That way, you will know what is happening in here.

I don't think I will want to go in there, but I have a good linux setup. It's pretty fast and works well. I learn how to be a better hack by making things work with this machine. I think I will learn moro and 2014 is an exciting era coming up. We will see and watch. Participate isa better word for that. Get in there an run with the wolves, so to speak. And how to do that? Choose.

You always have a choice. There is always that oppeortunity to choose the light. Or dark. It doesn't matter which way. It is only labels. No need for judgement. Only go there. What to do today? I haven't been walking out because of the rain. I have been cleaning up though. What to make for lunch? I don't know yet. Maybe it is time for intermittent fasting.

Do I have to learn more about it? No need. Only go by experience. That is more interesting that wy. I am a better dvorak user now. I can write better this way. And now the practice things are kicking in. that way, I get to write more often. No need for expectations.

What if I went for c as my first language? Will things be more different? Tehre are concepts that I do nont understand and had to learn. That is why the path I took, although it looks like going around in circles was the best path for me.

I have a better understanding of how these things work because of that path. If I took the short and direct path, I might have lost interest in this sooner. Or maybe not. But now and here is where I am. I am supported in my decision here.

I think I need to have a date with the wife. Where to go from here? I don't know. Only get to the othrer side and see what happens. And do I want to go to odesk with this? Maybe. We shall see. I think there'- more learning ta have from there. If it is interesting enough, then I can go that way. I have tools in my pc. Now I need to restart this. Then things will work again. Posting this now.