tuition to learn

I paid tuition yesterday. I don't think I need to be judging my work. That's not my job as creative. I am here to do the work, not to criticize it. I can do a look back on it, but when the working hat is on, work—write, trade, whatever it is that needs to get done.

I missed out on that other two candle headed into the pivot. How to trade this now? Zoom out and look to trade that instead. Why not look for them bounces off those levels and trade that?

It's easy when looking back. You need something more consistent. I think gimmee bars work well. I only need to be more patient with it. What else to write about? I don't feel comfortable with people seeing my work.

Not everyone can write. It's like public speaking. People want to be that person who can captivate the crowd, but nobody wants to put their work out there. That be the lesson for me. I have been writing for more than a decade now. It is amazing how time flies.

Today is my eldest daughter's birthday. This is he work, that I write. Sometimes it is the ozy that has the lower spread. I can watch that too and I am. I moved eddie out of my watch list. It doesn't move as much as ej. The latter moves a lot. I can watch geppy or ozyyen, but the spread on that is much more. At least this watch list of mine is not correlated. I can trade this without having to worry about correlation. You don't want to go there.

The light in the kitchen needs to be turned off. I can do that, but daughter can turn it off so I do not have to go there. Smoky is in the yard. I think he is going to poop there. What to do next. I am waiting to short ozy on the overbought.

I think it is one of the majors as it is on the list in mt4. This is what I do all day, watch the market to see how things are doing. This is where the work is. What color to use for that? I think I would rather have arch on the hp. I don't do much with windows these days. I would rather do open source dev. There's so much leg room for me here and I can only do so much with windows.

I don't think jeff will get the video hardware anyway. So I can do this. I think ozy is going to go range soon. The bbs are starting to contract. I am more aggressive now, trading gimmee bars before they start to happen.

You can't tell what the market is going to do next anyway. I think I can use another screen. What do I do with this one then? People are on the lookout for free stuff that are in good condition. I am too. There is plenty out there. Only need to be patient. Tehre is no need to be patient. All things happen by synchronicity. That is another long word there.

I just made changes to auto correct. Now synchronicity goes into automatic. I wonder if those dashes work—and it doesn't still. I wonder how I can change those. Open source will let you do that. You only need to look for a way to do that. We are going to valentines later. I will pick up wife and jeff at their office later.

Price is on the pivot and the us market is going to close soon. There is no market close on forex. There is only sessions and since everything is algo traded, the machine, the bots are on anyway. When the triggers kick in, the trades go official and get painted into price action.

Knowing that bots are out there, how do I use that? Trade the way they do. No need to go against them. I can ever write my own bot. Will they work? I don't know. I think they will. I can use python on my bots myself. I think it is possible to hack that web app and make trades from there. I can ask for the api. It's out there and the machine is my extension. It is a tool.

Think that way and it will be that way. I can finish that python tutorial today and move on. I can also do that game programming. That will go a long way. I have several tuts on my list. I can do that for the rest of the week.

How to trade this? What if you did a variety on martingale? I think it is possible to do a study on that. The thing is, I still need to see the tools that are available for me. I can go back there. No need to be fancy with the programming. Things will fall into place when I go there.

I was able to get ruby with the video tutorials. How hard can python be? It is the same as ruby. When I go find it getting fancy, I can choose to make it work for me. How to do that? It is all about choice. I can choose.