friday again

Almost everyone is up early today. And now I write. I am getting lost again as to the programming language to learn. Then it's time for me to take a break. No need to rush these things. Only get to the other side. I don't even have to learn them. Just be in the light.

I like this video wife is watching. She is hot. I think she has a kid. For the first two kids, you get off ealy. Only work out a bit and there you go. But after the second and you are doing nothing about it, then women balloon.

I saw this couple walking yesterday. I used ta have that in my life. I would take long walks and women would come with me. I enjoy going on those long walks. I wonder what ever happened to juli. She went to germany. Never found her anywhere else. I think she got married then. Is she alright? And so is lileth. These people are nowhere to be found on the internet.

If they have smartphones, they'd probably heard of the internet. I have a smartphone but I seldom use it to go on the internet. I tend to use them for quick short messages. On those times when I need to connect directly and get a response, the phone comes in handy. I think you can go in that direction.

Java is kinda easy. I can go in there. It gets complicated when applied to android. It is next level and I am not yet there. So I just be patient and I will learn all that. It's like clang. I could have learned that straight off as my first programming language. Instead, I went around and learned the easy ones first. Now I am going around in circles. I think that is judging myself to harsh. Things happen for a reason. I went that path for a reason.

And now what? Go for java. Finish them videos. Make something out of it. No need to go the easy way. Soon as I get that, things will be easier to code. My son is getting bigger. Not just in height, but also sideways. That's life. These things happen they grow up so fast. Today is trash day. Just the orange bag. Next week is the blue bin. I have two books waiting in the library. I can return the python django book. I don't need that for now.

Next time I want to look into it, I can check out that book. For now, I want to concentrate on android stuff. There's java and xml. The latter is easier for me as I alread know html. I can also do hybrid apps, but that is a shocrtcut.

Finish java and then I can do hybrid apps. I like javascript. I have already done a lot of things with it. I can go on odesk with just that language. I can go as far as I can with that as well. There are a lot of resources out there that will make things work. If I installed skype, will it still work?

I can experimeth with that. I wonder how to test that? There is a way for that. But I was able to fix it this time. The next question is, will the keys work? If that works off the bat, then problem solved. If not, then I will look deeper into that.

I can create scripts for myself, but I don't need one right now. I think I can look up an mt4 for my phone. Where can I find one? Google. That is a good source. I think fxcm has one. Who else? I can do a demo account for that, then put in my trades using the web platform. How did they do that?

I think documentation is there if you looked for it. I am losing connection with a favorite daughter. She keeps to herself these days. Where to go? I can go to narrow neck beach and just hang there. I like that one beach. There are a lot of good beaches here.

Mission bay is also good. I have been there on bike before. I got so tired that I had to ride in the car going back.