no plans on a sunday

I went to bed early last night. I didn't get my afternoon nap in. after dinner, I was already pooped and wasn't talking much. We had guests and as we drove them off, I was sitting quietly and was aware of it. I did not know what to do about it so I just sat there doing nothing. I think they too, were already tired.

What I couldn't understand is why they had to bring us there? I think it be better if they said that they wanted someone else's opinion on the car they were about to get. But it's just my opinion. I think he is being too picky about it. If it were me, once I get a good deal, then I go with it—specially if he asked for a big discount and getting it. It would be not good to go to someone else after getting a big discount like that. But that's just me. Maybe his point of view is different.

I had a good week trading last week. Things were working. Miley is getting out of control. People do not want to be shocked. They want to see talent. If you can't give that, don't do something else, like going naked or going wild. You only lose cred that way. You don't want that. I am done with marketing. It is not the path that I want to take. I would rather do my own thing, market my own gigs and be in the light than to do it for someone else who doesn't get it.

You don't find that often on the internet. If they do get it, they wouldn't be in odesk looking for cheap amateurs. And so I am out of it. I think it is good if you were that amateur. Someone else is paying you to learn. If so, keep at it and get to the light soon enough. When you do get there, do it.

I am moving on and forward. I don't think people will go through a blog when you offer the information up front. Ten dollars sounds like a good price for that information. They can go through that in less than a week if they were not careful. I can throw in the indicators and templates that I use. Now that's a good deal. I will bite that bait.

One daughter is already awake. I was so tired yesterday. What's in store for today? I can go out and ride my bike. I don't know what the wife plasns to do today. I think we can go out for a walk. I can go out for a ride. We can go to that bush in beach haven. But where do you leave the car? In a sidewalk around there. What else can we do around here? I don't know. I can just sit here.

I do that the rest of the week. Do something else for a change. There's bush walks around that path near albany. Or we can do that seven kilometer walk in onewa or something. The wife and I can do that. The kids can choose to stay at home. I will ask wife later what she wants to do.

She did not work out this time? I saw her get up earlier. She went back to bed. I am on detox today. What are they going to have for breakfast? They are going to rush through that. They have church today. I can have hot soup with them. Or just plain water. My eyesight is different tow. What to do abut I it? Take a break. They go to church. I can stay at home. Or do something different altogoether. Like what? I don't know yet. Just get to the other side and see what happens.

Right now, I will finish these pages. Then post them on the internet. Things get like this when there is nothing to write about. Those shades need to be in a safe location. I think it is normal for kids to move away from the friendship. These things happen. They outgrow each other. I wonder why? I think they did not mesh well with each other. Their path were different. That's normal. If you forced them together, you are going to get friction. Better to allow these things to happen.

That's how things fall into place. I miss going to the gym. What can I do around here to do that again? I think the forex trading biz is going to get us there. I just need to shift into that light. This is why I have this situation. This is the contrast that I will use. This is the energy for me to move into the light.

How to get there? Just be in the light. No need to react to what I think there is. It is only illusion. It will change once you see the light. It is the trinity. Not the holy trinity that you find in the church. That is taking power away from you and outside. You put it outside of you and you do ont have access to it.