on spotify radio

I get this urge to listen to jazz—mostly starbucks like music. Maybe this is telling me that I do not have to go to starbucks to have that experience? This adds to that bucket. I forgot what that bucket is about. I think I like spotify. Is this my new music station? I used to enjoy grooveshark. I don't go there much as I can do youtube. I have a playlist in there. I want to discover something else. This is part of what brought me to spotify.

I am long on ej. I saw a divergence pattern spot on and had low risk compared to the potential of the trade. Support to h1 swing low. I opened this on the m5. Let's see where this takes us when tokyo opens later. I think the downtrend will come to an end soon. More so when the us shutdown is over.

I had a good night's sleep last night. I woke up some time before four am and couldn't get back to sleep. I can always take a nap later. I can use this time to listen to music as I write. It's quiet around here.

I can use this time to write. I felt bad about the interaction with didi last night. I wonder if I offended her. I hope not. I was condescending? It felt like I was and got that as a reflection off her.

I tride creating my own station, but couldn't figure it out. Might as well write and go there later on. By the time they get up, i'd have four hours on my day. I then take an hour nap and I get a fresh eight hours to my day. This is what me as a forex trader is like. I think I can create a blog dump like this.

I like easy listening music like this. It's new and I enjoy this. I might sign up for this to have this with me offline on a smartphone. That's what my next phone is going to be. That way, I can check in on the market every hour.

Moving forward now. The kids are all asleep. It's been an hour since I got up. It is almost six am. This is who I am. Wife was in the dark last night. I don't have to be there with her. I allow her to be. I don't have to judge her for it. Instead, I used that as opportunity for me to choose to be in the light despite what I see around me. It was a chance for me to practice being a positive person. Do I expect something out of it?

Only to feel better at this time. Girl from ipanema. I like this. I like that word as well. Maybe use that for something? I already have a url. I am now building up that brand on the net. What else can I talk about here? What does this music feel like? Easy. My frequency lowers. It's smooth?

I'm not a jazz person, but this is something I can listen to. Move forward from there. I don't have to listen to pinoy music. I would rather listen to something like this and see what happens. This is online radio. I like it. I wonder how they make money there?

I think I was able to make something... forgot what that was. I have an hour before the library closes. Not that I am wanting anything. Just to get things sorted out. Election ends today. I can go to the library and see what's in there. I don't have anything in the mail to cast my vote. Imagine we can vote by mail. That is awesome there. Imagine how much savings you can have in there.

I think that is behind me now. I got something out of this and see what happens. This is what I get with the free account on spotify. Ads. That's ok I think. That's a small price to pay for the service. I can live with that.

That price bounced off my entry, that is a good sign. I can move my stops up later on. We'll see how far this baby will go. I can do this business anywhere in the worsd that I have internet connection. This is what me is about. I am moving forward in this light.