orewa this saturday

This is a late morning pages. I wasn't up to it earlier today. I got up some time after 5am. Technically, it was still 4am because we just moved into daylight savings time.

The kdis have been watching tv or on the internet since this morning. I think the reason I ma here is because I am bored and don't have anything that's fun to do. What can I do about it? Find something that's interesting to do. Like what? Ride my bike is fun. But there's no purpose to it. I think I need direction.. motivation is the right word, but I think you get the point.

The last time I was overweight, I lost weight because I was going out more. I went to the gym. I rode my bike going to the gym. I was hanging out with people. I was into sports. There was never a dull moment. What can I do here that is something like that.

I can volunteer for something. I am good with computers and programming. Maybe I can help old people with that or something. And what else can I do around here? I can volunteer my time with the old people in that community near our home. The kids can choose to come with me. I can give them my phone number and they can call me whenever they need help.

That is going to be interesting. I can meet more people that way too. Is that going to be for me? I have spaghetti sauce simmering in the kitchen. I chose to slow cook that. The kids are not hungry anyway. I think I can make the pasta when they are about to it. I am not making it now and let it sit when they are not yet ready to eat. That will lose quality that way.

I enjoy cooking. What else can I do around here that's going to be fun? I don't know yet. I think I can do something here that will get me to the other side. Like what? Ride the bike is good. On the computer is also good. I think there's a connection there. We'll see. At least the idea is there.

I was riding a lot going to the gym and back. Do I need to go to the gym again? What else can I do that is akin to where I am? I don't know yet. I will be open to my imagination and see what comes up.

This is the morning pages. I enjoy golang and want to go deeper with that. Since it is similar to C, I am watching videos on that too, just to get an idea of what these two languages are capable of doing.

My left eye is weaker now. Try the other contact lens? I think I can go there and do that. But then again, I will have to wear that glasses just to read stuff here. I think I will have to go there anyway. Then go. Will it help? I don't know. Only that I work with my excitement and be in the light. That is what these things are about.

Am I looking to have an affair again? Why not? That was exciting. Maybe that is the light I am looking for. If it's there, then it's there. If not, I am not going to go around looking for it. Trusting the synchronicity on that. Am I watching supernatural with the kids? It is interesting. That guy from grey's anatomy is an interesting person. His character is cool. That's one of the watching people today.

How do you get that? I am learning that now. I have this book, how to talk to anyone. I think it is interesting and it's the next step for napoleon hill—no, dale carnegie's book. I think I have the basics. Reddit is there as well and it helps tremendously.

Reddit helps me to find stuff by Synchronicity. And that's why I am always there. We are going to orewa this weekend. I can ride my bike going there. I used to do that a lot. The thing is, it is a long way from here and I don't know if I can make it here.

I can try. I go for short walks now and then. I will have to leave earlier than they would. It takes them a short car ride to get there. It will take me two hours to get there one way by bike.

There's a paknsave in there. We can stop there for meals after the walk. It will be interesting then. I am looking forward to it. After this, I am going to check that spaghetti sauce slow cooker. After that, I am going to post these on the internet. And I am done.