peak in the market

It's too hot to wear my blue long jacket, and a bit cold when I don't. I think you can still make a living copying the popular apps or second tier, but make a good copy on the landing page. This way, you get people to try it and hopefully will leave a positive feedback on your page.

The key here is good support and copywriting. You don't have to do direct marketing the old way. Just get a good app, write effective copywriting, and you are off to the races.

Do I still have to learn java for android? Yes. I don't want to write for the clueless. There's a lot out there. All I want to do is to mind my own business.

Programming is a lot like if this then that. It's going to connect with the low level system to do its job. You can find this in the api's and documentation. Is this seat too far? It feels like it. Is that the trash collector? I don't think so. They tend to stay in one place.

Daughter's game is broken again. I don't know how to fix it now. She has something else installed. I think that game is dying. People are going to have to look someplace else. Support is important for these games. Where do you find one? You may have to get your own call center for it. Better yet, get a forum and let the community help out.

But most of them are busy playing. Not all. Reward those who will help out. They can spend an hour a day helping out with support. Those who get more upvotes will get goodies and rewards that you can use in the game.

I think there is something to it. I am suspecting that market will gap down. It has done so in the last several weeks. There is non farm payroll happening soon. I need to wake up the kids and get ready for school. Soon as daughter goes out of her room, then I go wake up son.

This is morning pages and I am now on page two. I am not writing for an audienc, only write for practice. No need to get an audience for this. I write to connect fingers to the flow. This way, when the connection is set, then I can write better stuff. I think it's a balance betwenn writing from flow, and edidting. You spend half and half on both.

It takes time, but if you can do this, add good research to it, then you can write about anything in the world. Then it's a three way thing. If you don't know a thing about it, then spend three days doing research. That is going to take time. I don't think five dollars is going to compensate you well for it.

It's a monday. I think I can do that twenty thousand return in a span of a few weeks. Gear up with leverage to four trades to ten percent loss. Minimise your risk, then trade accordingly.

I will do more analysis on that. I have the stats. I can reverse engineer a method out of that later on. I think I have something good here. I don't have to do scalps. Just wait for a good setup then trade accordingly.

I cando that after I do those things for the kids. Get their lunch ready, make hot cocoa, then wake them up. After that is behind me, then I can sit down for them analysis. There is no farm payrolls later on.

I think the philippine stock market is nearing its peak. There are more juan de la cruz's investing and getting in the market. Soon as you get these stock market seminars, that tells you to start considering selling out. Will it continue on? Of course it will.

But the big boys will see it. Better be ready. You need about two decades of watching the market for this strategy. I think you can make something out of it.