use that contrast

This sometimes feel like an obligation. I was using monospaced yesterday as programming font. I think there's something interesting about it. But if I were to use that...

being angry about something is not the way to change it. You only add tremendous amounts of energy to it that it becomes more solid. It's that much harder to change it than if you were more allowing of it. Use that energy and find how the situation serves you. Everything happens... is there for a reason. Use that to put a positive meaning into it and you get a positive effect out.

This is what the process is about. It also applies to my trading. I am spending time with java. It's ok for now. I got this great tutorial from my library. It explains a lot of things making it clear.

I would rather go deep in java than mono at this time. I don't have to worry about licensing—and they are similar in ways. One runs in the other, but java is native to android. So I go in that direction.

Tutorials at tutsplus is better than lynda's. Both are at the top of my charts anyway, but tuts is cheaper by five dollars and the concepts are better explained. But that's just my opinion. Experience it for yourself and make your own opinion of it.

Wife got up early today. She is easily offended by the smallest things. I wonder how that is part of my experience?

I use it for the contrast. Other than that, staying there does not serve me so I just let it be. She gets upset so be it. What else is new? This happens all the time anyway.

Ej might fail off that recent high on h1. I am looking for a double top on m5. Only then will I trade it short. Otherwise, do nothing. It's still bullish at this time. I tend to be more bullish near the bottom. Sometimes I face into a running train with this. That's part of the process.

Sometimes I get the nail on its head. The trade is spot on. This way, my loss is minimal. That's how I like things around here. They have issues and love to hold on to their anger. I can't change that. They can only choose to change that themselves.

It serves as contrast for me. If I was told what my job really was as a med rep, I could have done things differently. What it really means is that you are a lobbyist, not in sales. There's a big difference. I could have spent more time with the key persons in the game. I could have more efficient with my resources.

I know better now. It is the definitions that count. Find the right definitions and you make things better. Wife gets upset for the smallest things. That's her. That's contrast for me. Use it that way. No need to add more energy into it.

I will move forward now. Just change my attention. What am I putting my energy into? This writing. I will concentrate on my writing. Someone showed up in my dream. It was something, an energy that I do not like. There was resistance in it. I found myself choosing my response.

Then that served you well. That is what being positive is about. Use that from here on. I will pick up son from school. No more waiting in countdown. I will have a good week this time. I choose to make it that way. I used to work out with weights.

It doesn't take a lot of time. I can do that on my free time. Maybe after yoga to round things up to make it an hour. Try it next time.