yet a new friday

Soon as I finish the android tutorials, I can get gigs fixing android apps on either fiverr, pph or odesk. That will give me enough apps to practice on and improve my skills. I like where this is headed.

I even removed those programming tutroials that I do not enjoy doing. Ruby is a good programming language, but there is not a lot of learning resources online as compared to python. Python is more available. I can always find something on python. And I am going to stick with that. They are almost identical anyway.

So it's going to be python and java for now. Until the end of the year at least. Next year I go full time on this. Nodejs also that's three. If you count in html and css, then that's also part of it. Golang, not so much. Soon as I get how to code in java, I think golang will also fall into place. For now, these three are what I am going to focus on.

What else? I put out the trash. I can watch my tutorials in the morning. I can do yoga. I can ride my bike. Jeff bought a tv last ngiht. It was huge. I am not there, but I can match that frequency. That's why I am in this situation, to show that I too, am even without the outside circumstances.

If it were easy for me to have the outside, like have a lot of money, I would have a hard time learning that. In a way, it's a handicap for me so I can learn to without the crutch. And I am in the light. No need to have. Only to be.

And I am not lacking in programming and hacking skills. They've spent time in university learning about it. I use my own time elarning about it as well. Ot that one is better than the othre, only that it's different. That is where the light is. There's a lot to talk about. There are plenty of places to go here. Waht's next for me?

Wife wants to go out this weekend. I don't know where they want to go. Wherever that is, I can go on my bike, except they go someplace that's beyond the city.

I wonder when jeff is going to get his own car? I think it's easy for him to get a driver's license if he was that keen on getting a car. He will and he is going to get a car when the timing is right. That way, I don't have to get moral ascendancy on them. I get that in me sometimes. I am now aware. I have always been aware of that. And then I let go.

That is what self awareness is. That is where practirce is right now. I do detox this morning. I don't think I need to do carbs tonight. I can eat light later at dinner. I don't have to go there. I can choose to go there. It's a viable an alternative as all the other alternativez. But I don't have to go there. Just be in this moment.

Where else is there? I can hang out over there. Bring the laptop and see what can happen. I don't think it's appropos. It raises a lot of questions. Besides, I have everything in here. I don't have to go there anyway.

I can do a lot of things in here. I don't nap as often during the day. Why is that? Maybe I don't get so tired anymore. I will do the sandwiches soon as I finish these. The broadband resets tomorrow.

Garbage is going to get pickep up soon. I don't have to worry about that. Why is it that the people around here are not putting out their garbage? Maybe there wasn't any notice. There has to be a notice before they get put out.

I will check the council website. Otherwise, things start to pile up this weekend. Then they pick up the trash next week on monday. I think that's how things work. Do I have to get the extra bandwidth? Only keep them there. It will get there when we get there.