monospace trading et al

The default on an empty page is at consolas. These i's and l's look cute when writing. I am keeping to this font, lucida console. It's a monospaced font and it looks good while writing. The parentheses are also roundish like monaco's and it looks cute as well. These are some of the motivations I have for writing—good fonts.

And where did I find these? I was looking around for a font to use, I can't remember what for. I found this on yaourt. This is what's great about arch linux's package manager that is not available with ububntu's apt-get.

With yaourt, when you search for something, it gives you stuff that's relevant to what you are looking for. It can get muddled sometimes, but if you wanted something more specific, do pacman -Ss.

I haven't been doing good with my trading. The method isn't making any sense at this time. I think my trades are too early. I get a good idea as to which side of the market to trade, but I get stopped out, then the market gets going.

Good thing that my losses are small. These can easily be offset with a good position. I will keep to this. It takes some time, but I am confident that things will work out later on. This is still so much better than running a business, a job or investing my money. It is all three at the same time.

I can do trading while I work on my computer science. I think jeff sent me that microsoft thing because it's a dying tech. Nobody uses ms much in my world, but still, there's a lot of non-tech who are into that.

But I am done with the licensing thing. That's not for me. I would rather stick to open source. At least that way, you have leverage. And that's what abundance is about. You get more with less. It's what my reality is about these days. I don't get to update my blog these days except to post stuff I found on the internet. And that's good.

Is this a losing streak? I think so. If it were poker, I would understand. But this is like see what happens here. I think there's a spot opening up for a short on ej. It looks oversold and now trading at level 1. I am thinking if I should short this.

I have a limit sell in place. If it goes back then I can get that position at a cheap price—a bargain. This is what trading is about. Buy low, sell high. If wrong, cut losses then move on. It's not that one is better than the other, only that it's different. What's best is what works for you. This one works for me.

I am going to finish these then get going. I am going to post these as well. Do I go short now? I just did. I have an eye out for that stop. I think I will post that stop after I finish this. I don't think there's stop hunting going on around here. It is what it is. This is how I trade.

Is this going to go up some more? I don't know. If it does, then I am wrong with my read. It's time to do something else then. There is android training for today. Am I too old to get a job?

no. I have a different view on things. I am no better than the next guy, only that I see things differently. My experiences are different. And if that matches with their needs, then we have a match.

I can go for a sales job, but that doesn't work for me. I don't think that's what makes it work. Marketing and advertising also. It's based on fear. Give them what the want and they will come to you. No need to mislead.