post birthday tuesday

My birthday just came and went. It was ok, but it could be better. Basically, I just stayed at home and waited for wife and friends to arrive. I was in front of the computer all day, eating. How could I have done it otherwise?

Spend the day riding to a location I want to overnight in. then family and friends will be there. They get there on bike or car if they choose. I think that's how it will be next year. Spend the weekend overnight.

How to get there? Start riding. Do I ride today? I can. Forecast is rain. I can do yoga later tonight while waiting for wife to get picked up. That way, I can ride during the day. Where to go? Even a short ride to takapuna is good.

How to do things differently then? How come there were no gifts? I don't think people do gifts anymore. So be it then. I changed a few things with my method. Basically watching pivot and level1 support and resistance level.

I am also looking for harami patterns. It's the bands that tell me where it is. Sometimes I don't get it. In the meantime, I do nothing. Wife got home late last night. I was watching walking dead. There's no meat in the story anymore. It's about the fighting and the contrast. Maybe i'm not that anymore that's why it doesn't appeal that much.

What to do now? I go back to java and android. I can revert back to cpp anytime, but I don't know. There is no good ide for it. I can always do gvim. It's that old reliable text editor. I made it through javascript with just that. I think I can get to the other side with this one.

With android dev, there is so much going on, that a good ide will help a lot. Then stick with that. I must have spent all day with cpp yesterday. It's simpler than java at the basic level. Why does it get complicated as they say? Maybe stick with clang instead? no. oop is goot to get into. It makes things simpler, although I can do functional with cpp if I wanted to.

What to do today? Do what interests you. Do java game dev for now and see where that leads to. It gets boring. I can go out for a ride, just to be out there doing something. That'd be interesting. I am putting my power out there. I am aware of that now.

That light doesn't come from someone else. It comes from me. If there was a folding bike, then I can load it up at the back, ride the car, then ride from there. How to get there? Do odesk or something that's similar.

I can do something else here. Like what? I don't know. Just get to the other side each time and see what happens. This here, I am writing. There is a half an hour before my son wakes up. Sometimes when it's bedtime, I am already tired. What will become of this? I am fighting this that's why it is still here.

What else can I do about it? That is only contrast. I don't have to fight it. Only watch what it brings forth in you. Like what? How I respond to it. That tells a lot about the definitions I have. Then I can stay here instead. Is this going up or down?

It goes up but where do I get in? That is the question? Look for the macd? Sometimes it's not that reliable. What else can I look at? The bands can get awesome sometimes. Look for gimmee bars.

It worked before. Only this time, I know how to read the charts differently. I can stick with that and see how far that goes. All my kids are growing up. She got up early this time. She is into her phome a lot.