tasker writing three

I give up trying to get that wifi off working with tasker. I think it doesn't work with llama. I've seen it working with automateit, but it probably had something to do with the power saver option. Maybe that's what is hindering everything. Other than that, things work well. I have a silent night profile on tasker. It turns off wifi when the profile is activated.

Maybe there is something I am not getting there with the wifi near thing. I don't know. The on off task works by itself. Maybe the way tasker is reading the state is the opportunity for me here. Opportunity because I can learn something from it.

I learned that I can define it as a problem, or as an opportunity for me to learn something. This is why I have it everywhere. This to remind me that everything really is an opportunity if you looked at it that way.

This way, cause and effect are in alignment with the light—my light. It's always that way. I am starting to enjoy java programming. It's sort of like similar to ruby, only that it's more fine-grained and close to metal programming. I think things will work out from here.

I have this cookbook. I can start posting them on github. I am going to grow that account. No need to go to that library get a job thing. That was from the past. I think things are rapidly evolving. And I can find my way from here if I keep to the light. I do things my way and I get the effect that I want.

No need to go through head hunters. They are in it for the money. I think it'd be better for me to get with business owners directly and I know how to do that. I can spend more time with them through meetups than going to toastmasters. Their baby is their business. I don't think some of them will want to improve on their public speaking. Things are changing and you don't need to be talking to the public to get traction. I think it's good to have that tool with you, but it's not the only tool to get things done.

Writing, I can reach more people, plus I can respond the way I want. This is why I do this. It has been like fifteen years that I have been writing. I have a lot of junk out there. Not that it's bad writing. Only that they are practice pages and I just leave them everywhere on the net.

I am not so concerned about privacy. It's a negative thing. Being positive, there is no privacy, but respect and allowing. If you see it that way, then you get a positive effect out of it.

I am writing now as I have time for it. I don't like waiting for the kids to get up. I can do the laundry for the bed sheets but it might start raining some time soon. Not heavy rains, just light showers now and then and it's not going to get the clothes dry.

I don't have to install arch on the laptop, but it's something I can do. I think the deep freeze issue has been resolved. I can move forward from there.

Then that's what I will be doing later on. There is the java tutorials. Also there is learning android. I have a full plate. Yesterday I did not do much. I felt like I am tired of all that. I am moving forward with this now.

I can do fiverr gigs for android. That's a great way for me to learn stuff. I can learn them as I go. The only opportunity that I see from there is that it is going to take some time. I think I can get a lot of training from that site and make a few bucks here and there. Lets go there and fire up that profile.