this be my drug

I replaced firefox reg with the nightly version. I noticed there seemed to be a screenshot taking place now and then—out of nowhere. Lately, the sites seemed to be loading slower than usual. I think there is something fishy there. I tried both chrome and opera, but they don't work the same way. Maybe try the other chrome, but we'll see.

I switch things around now and then. It's a friday. It might be good weather today and througout the weekend. Manila is bracing for a typhoon. There are a lot of things to go through with the internet. It's a never ending progression.

One thing I notice, javascript is always there. I think I will focus on that some more. There's coffeescript and that makes things easier. I also have the most resources from the library in that subject. I am also doing java for android. Those two subjects are what keeps me busy. I can do the one thousand odesk hours with javascript alone. Let's get started with that.

I can do a lot of writing, but everyone else can do that. I see the path ahead of me. There is clarity. That is my drug. No more sugar. That clarity is what feels good. It's like that movie limitless. He had clarity and he got addicted to it.

Unlike him though, I don't have to know everything, but I will know what I need to know when I need to know it. Like what? I don't know. It's not relevant for me to answer that question now. I get there when I get there.

I have so much books to go through that I don't have to go to the library. Just be in the moment. Not sit there and do nothing, be that person you want to be. Be that which you admire most in others. Like what? Waturity. Wisdom. Clarity. I think that's a powerful word there. I think that's what people go after. I have it. It's here now.

I don't have to do anything or take anything. With drugs, it gets clouded. Clarity is like the blue skies in spring. It's cool outside and yet you want to be out there in the sun. it's not too hot, yet ever if it were, it's ok.

That's where I am right now. No amount of junk food will get you there. And that's how I kicked it out of me. This is my motivation. Will I ever go back? I don't think so. There's so much here for me to play with. I think I will be more loose, but I have seen the light. Why bother losing it? See more is what's next for me. Explore is what's next for me. There's a lot out there. Sex is a good drug to get into. I can go that way.

Mask the javascript inside a web app. It plays in the background. How will it play with the hardware? Through node. I think it's possible. It runs on v8 and that one has access to hardware stuff. There is also webkit. I think I can go deeper into that and see where it goes. Then it's javascript day today. Maybe until the rest of the week. There's node and there's a lot to go through with that library.

If I can't find it, I can ever create my own library for that. I think I like that idea. No need to be the jack of all trades. Just do this and get to the other side. I can make the kids' lunch after I finisth this. Right now, I kust want to do this. It its the writing. It is the conecting. Crlarity. That is powerful. You know the choices you can make and they seem to just open up. It's a lot more than you think you have.

This is where you want to be. It's not about the money. I see that now. Where to go with this? Right here and now. There is no out there anyway. Is that the gift? I think so. It feels like it. I feel empowered. It's not like a physical gift that the novelty wears off after some time. It just feels good. It goes on and on.

How do you give this to others? I don't know. Just be a shining example of it. No need to preach. Just be. If it is in their vibration, they will see. They wil be attracted like moth to the light. That is where you want to be. This is where I would rather be. I am here.

Now what else do I write about? I wirte so much better this way. The fingers are not jumping all over the place. I just write. No need no see where things are going. I know where I am. I amnot heaaded anywoere. There is only here and now. Reality happens through me.

I think I get what that means now. It is the consciousness. No amount of money will igve you that. That is what the context was about. I see now. I don't have to pity me. Not even the highset paid bloke has clarity. They have something else. And I dont' need that. It happens through me. This comes to me. It's in there I just can't explain it.