christmas morning rain

Listening to soundcloud. Amazing that the quality of the sound is. I don't have to use an equaliver, rather, it's as if I have an equalizer with this.

It's christmas morning and it's raining. Do I want to listen to this? Or do I go back to pandora? I might go back. It's that shuffle function. But then again, they play the same thing over and over again. That's what I don't like about it.

Why not turn off the music instead? I dreamed that I had something created the other night. This morning, I woke up with the idea that I had a better tool to grasp what I need to do. Is this on to something?

Wife is doing her workouts. She got up early. We are going to this community christmas party. Do I want to be a part of that? It's a family and friends thing for them. The kids might want to go there. It's the anonymity that I don't like. There are no real conversations going on. The sound is too much? Amazing that it can be that loud. How come soundcloud has this good quality when the others don't have it?

Is it the tech? I am sure you can reverse engineer that. Daughter raiderz is now up. I think she liked the headphones we got for her. I don't really want to go to that christmas party. I would rather do my own thing. But since it's here, that's synchronicity for me. This is creation/higher self telling me to go try this path.

It's not a block. It's the idea that I consider something else. So I go. If you figure this out, the idea behind this, you will know and understand how to work with me. And I allow it. Is this something I want to listen to? I think if you had a party, you can listen to this. But then again, you will need to do a lot of filtering to make it work.

If kids want to see it, then so be it. Is there something else that I want to listen to? The thing about indieshuffle, there are not much mainstream music. I go there when I want to listen to something different and is already filtered by humans. That filtered by humans thing is quite useful for me.

This time, I am saving these music streaming sites to the cloud so I can go back to them in the future. Is that how you travel? I just amped the volume. The sound with this site is pretty ok. It's not as loud, but it's well moderated. People want their own thing. If you can support that, then the people will support you. If the current system is going to implode, what is going to replace it? Do I have to create that? We shall see. Car is going to be serviced on the 27th. We will see how things will go from there.

Wife has started planning the trip with ste. That's a good three letter name I heard last night. It got boring here and there. Why did I choose to zoom out? I want better conversations. It was good to do aikido there. I think I have enough time writing. I am way past that ten thousand hours practice time.

Where is this going? Nowhere. I have no expectations on this artistic expression of mine other than to enjoy the practice. I just remembered phimco days. That was me growing up. And it's now behind me. If I were management, how do I change things? How do I motivate people?

Do that six to one ratio. Everything else goes into dividends that is shared with everyone. I think that is a good thing there. It's more than enough. And if you go something else.. I don't like this music. Go do something else.

That is what the radio is for. It's new and indie. No issues with copyright there. It is only those who see it shallow will think that copyright is going to work there. As we can see now, it doesn't really work. Maybe I can go there now. I am tired of c++. I need a diversion. This is the diversion I seek.

Or maybe I can do something else. I just write. Most of the kids are still sleeping, or staying in their room. Third daughter has issues there. Do I want to listen to this? I don't know.

Do something else. Realize that music is only a reflection this time. It is you that will decide all this. Is there any good movies coming up? Glad that there are no christmas pinoy movie festivals here. They play that same movie here.

If I were at the helm, how do I turn things around? You already know them. You will know when you get there. Will I get a shot at public office? If I say so, then it will be so. But is that alignment for me? I don't know. Be open. You will find it.