december summer here

I was able to fix the connection problem with mt4. I think it had something to do with the server. Tech support(chat) gave me some ip numbers and it worked. And I thought that either the broker was closed, or the fx market was off early for christmas.

Next time I know better. I tried a trade at market and it worked. It did not let me do a limit/stop order. I will test that later on. In the meantime, do this.

There was an article I found earlier. This guy traded 1500 into a million dollars in three years. He was trading penny stocks. He was a student of sykes. When I found out, the article lost a bit of credibility. It could be true, but it's also true that sykes is selling his system.

But anymay, trading penny stocks is as risky as trading fx. I would rather trade the fx market. It's more open althogh I am having a challenge with it right now. It's been a drought for some time now. I am not riding, then I am runnig. These past few days, I have been inside the house and in front of the cmoputer. I need to get out more often.

I can run in that field later after wife leaves for work. In the meantime, I write. I am making progress with learning c++. I am getting it. The first time I tried learning it, I must have been not patient enough. This time, the alternative is java/android. I would rather do c++. I think the future is embedded programming. You need a language that is closer to the metal. Java isn't it. That means android won't be around that long? It will be. It's this and that. I just don't like working with java. That might change, but for now, my interests tell me that c++ is the way to go.

The book I am using is learn c++ in 21 days. It is simple enough and is explained in layman's terms. I get it. They also give good and plenty of examples that I can do. The second book is still a basics, but covers different topics. I have videos in my library, but they make me sleepy. At least with a book, I can listen to music and it helps me to stay alert. I do a one hour session morning, afternoon and night. I am making good progress.

This time, I get object oriented programming. I also get pointers—at least the basics. I can do a basic program. It's the lookup that's painful, but I can do it. I will start exploring soon enough. I don't have to finish the whole thing.

And what about trading? Qt is a good framework to use. I can go down that path as well. That is a field of expertise I can look into. Things don't work immediadtely though. There are bits and pieces that are missing for me. But that's one path that I see from where I am.

I went to bed early last night. I don't do things until midnight anymore. It must be that redshift app in the pc. It changes color when it starts to get dark. This helps me to get sleepy after ten. And that's good. Wife comes home early now. Next stop is christmas break.

She is going to work with my second daughter. She is going there to meet some friends—my daughter. Three stay at home and do their thing. I can go out and run later. No need to go fast. Just do my thing. I realize that I am overweight. This is the path I am on. I don't get how things work when I think about it. I instinctively know though, that it works by reflection. And that's what local mind has a hard time wrapping itself in.

and that's ok. This is part of the process. Only do this and get to the other side. I can go into ea testing. There is something there. I think I can trade this on dead hours. This is something that I will look into.

It is wednesday. Time flies so fast. Soon it's going to be the weekend. Wife is up. She will work out. That will keep me company as I write. This is my morning sessions. I have lots of images to post on me blog. So much that I created a facebook page to post the overflow. I post there twice a day.

There's so much on the internet. How to spread them? I don't know how to monetize them. I can create a blog and take it from there. Create one in node. Then post the images where? Imgur. That one is free.

I think I can do that. That will keep me on the learning side of things. What else is there for me? I can make into like pinterest. That too is a learning angle for me. Then add angularjs.

That also is a good path for me. I can monetize them. Seo is ok, but there are things I can do to make things better. I can get traffic through that page. Then take things from there.