last day school

I like spotify but there's a few things about it that makes me choose pandora instead. First, streaming. There are times when music streaming gets choppy. Considering that our broadband connection is fast enough and steady, I don't think it has anything to do with our connection. Pandora's stream doesn't, never been choppy like that. Youtube streams without a glitch. When I listen to spotify and music starts getting choppy, I am outa there.

Second issue is, no shuffle. It gets boring listening to one genre at a time. I can create my own station, or listen to someone else's station, but that's not mine. I don't know what to expect with that. I will look into that, but soon as I get the chops, I move to a different station.

Third, I forgot. No need to dwell on that but I am sure there's a third issue with spotify. I have mentionde choppy streams. I think that's one trouble enough already with spotify.

Pandora is pretty ok, but they are starting to give me repeats. I'm not sure if there's any streaming music sites out there but I am on thelookout for this. I get hese headaches latesy.

Yesterday, there was also the dizzyness. I wonder what it is. I get concerned about it. That tells me the definitions I have about these things. What can I do about it?

Last day of school for the kids in westlake. The other two ends on friday. They maximize these things. The kids are growing up fast. It's going to shift again. I have more time for myself, but still I am tied to the house. I guess this is my job now. And I am doing a good work with it. No need to want to be a big shot corporate sob. It's not me anymore. I don't go there. I would rather be a tech startup. That's where my interests are these days.

I don't know where this is going, but as long as it's interesting enough, I am right there. Atm, it's all about mobile apps. I am learning native. I already am familiar with mobile web. Javascript is a deeper subject and I already have a grasp on it. So I am moving on now and c++ is interesting. I am surprised that I am getting it.

It is getting warm again. I just removed my jacket. I continue writing. When I get back later, I am to get ready for my dauoghter's prize giving ceremony. She is getting an award. She works hard at school. I am thinking of stopping by burger king later on and get her something. I will check my account balance later on.

And what else is there? I think the issue is about something else. When she gets tantrums, it's not about the privacy or getting her own room. I think it has to do with the guilt. That's not good about the church. They plant that in your head. This way, you are going to keep going back to them.

Why do they do that. If they were so powerful, why would they want the control? It's the contrast. This is here to show me the difference between both realities. I have a choice here. Be in the light, or get in religion. I already made that choice a long time ago. This is just traces of the past to show me the contrast.

I have never been at peace like this. It is based onmy own criteria than someone else's. This is what my self is about . No more religion. I never carry someone else's cross anymore. Jesus chose that. Why should I choose to carry his cross for hime.

If it works for them, then so be it. My choice acts as contrast for them. This to show that they too, have a choice. I don't have to go there. I am a man of peace. I don't hink I am an evil person because I don't have religion like them. It's too much a burdento carry. I am moving forward now. No need to write about it.

I have too many baggages to carry myself. Most of the time, it has to do with someone else's baggage. When I am out of the light, I realize it with the way I feel. If it's not something that feels good, I check in on the definitions atd thoughts I am having. Then I go into the light.

This is my daily practice. This is where you will find me. This is where things expand from. How do I find that? See the expansion? Only that I take a moment to be in the present. When I do that, then I see the definitions and all that. There is no outside. The reflection shows me and I make adjustments if needed.

Why am I writing about this? It's what is in my head right now. I pick up daughter from friend's house later on. I also go meet the wife someplace else. She moves to different work next year. That is good. It is exciting for her. I knew that she was going to get that job because she was excited about it. Things are different with her.