saturday grocery later

Daughter's friend is sleeping over. She invites herself over. That's fine with me. I like her attitude, but when she's here, I remember how annoying having five kids in the house can be—specially now that they are teenagers.

I guess it's not them that's annoying, but that I am choosing to be annoyed. There's a difference there. They are darlings each of them. I have definitions that put conditions on how I respond. This affects my experience and how I respond to things.

Maybe this is why she is in this picture. She is here to show me this. I am now thankful.

I think this is what my process is about. Spotify lets me play them playlist. Now I need to find a way how to shuffle them. I think I need to create my own, then shuffle them together much like what they do on pandora. If this is so, why move to spotify? I already have this feature on pandora?

It's to get more money from others. If they, spotify can show that they have more eyeballs, then the money will come in. I think that there is nothing special about what that other wine guy did. He found a good wave and rode it. Now he is disappearing from the radar. His last name is hard to remember. I think his first name is gary.

He tried to extend things, but there was a bit of anxiety in it. It doesn't reflect well. This is how things are. I am still with c++. there is qt. But the path is not quite set considering that it's been around for years. I can't find a good tutorial. Maybe has something on it?

Or tutsplus. I looked around, but the tech all points to the web. Maybe this is why I am still with c++, it's because everyone else is focused on the web. I think that it's mobile + native that's going to work here. The device has limited resources. If you can create a web browser app with qt, and all content goes through that, and then go native when not connected—there is something about it.

I miss creating stuff. When did I create stuff? I do that all the time. I do create things with my morning pages. I write every morning whenever I can. There's plenty of beautiful pictures on the internet. How do I use that?

No need to work for money. As it is, when I am in the right angle, I see that. I don't have to define things the way they do. It's a different world I like in and the definitions from the old world no longer apply.

When I find myself not in the light, then things get confused. Co-fused is something to it. I don't have to go there. I know where it is I am going. I think she leaves later in the day. Her dad picks her up. He's a nice guy. She said her laptop is messed up. I can fix it, look it up and if need be, reinstall os. But the parents have to give permission for that as I don't have it. It's not mine.

It's a toshiba. I sued to think that that brand is better. I guess dan has someone else for tech support these days. Do I want to go there? I have skype, but they have issues with security. That's why I don't have it on my phone. I can use it, but who else is using it?

I like hangouts better. I can send sms with that, and if need be, make calls with it as well. Going back to odesk, I can use that, or whatever else the client needs using. I think also that people are looking for that app to sex people up.

I think that was the appeal with wechat. Badoo is more spammy. I don't think they want to be the community's choice for hookups. You don't want to control it. Doing so only makes people go away.

How do you do it then? Build the campfire, then let the community build itself around it. Support the people and the people will support you. Not a lot of clients get that. All they want is to be the next big thing on the internet. That is why facebook made it. Also google. They made the campfire, people found it and decided to stay.

Badoo built a campfire, but they want to make money out of it. It's like you can watch from afar, but to sit close to the fire, you have to pay. In the meantime, someone else is building a better fire and supporting the community.

This is why reddit is so successful. That's what you want to do. Support the people with your app and the people will support your app. That's it. That's all you have to do. Don't worry about the money. It will come from investors.

So how do I go from here? This is the last paragraph. Post this, then get on with my day. Wife came home late last night. I was already sleeping.