sunday morning showers

My wife puts a lot of effort into her workouts. I admire that. I saw this video about the mayor binay incident. Neighbor has a new cars. This is the second one this month. Amazing. I feel envious.

It's spitting outside. I do no laundry. Maybe tomorrow. I found this channel on youtube where the channel owner apparently has good taste. I bookmarked it and will see how things go in the coming weeks. First song off the recent playlist sounds good. It's chill music. I like it. It's not my usual cup of tea, but it's good. I have senheiser headphones. I am open to good music.

Senheisers—i'm still looking into this. I like the sony pods I had before. It's still there. This one, the senheiser, doesn't have that 'separation' thing. Maybe because the pods go deeper into my ear that it sounds better. I don't know. The senheisers are here so I use it. It's not that bad. I can get used to it. There is a bit of a disappointment, but maybe it's something that I am not familiar with. I'll learn more about it in the coming days.

We got three headphones the other day. The other two are christmas gifts for our kids. I need to get christmas gifts for the wife and kids. It's a sunday. I can do that on tuesday. I will change my contact lens tomorrow. I'll be riding my bike later to go to a friend's house.

I am upset, choosing to get upset with the mayor issue. That's fine. And then there is the arnold video and I love it. Why can't they be like that. If leadership is going to the dogs, man, it's sad that that country has to go through that. Will this affect that leader's candidacy? I hope so. Who else is there?

There is bayani. I wonder how he lost? He did a great job there. I would give my life for that? Maybe in a different dimension. At the moment, I would rather walk away. That music don't sound good there and I moved it forward. This is chill music here. It's good to listen to something different.

Pandora, with its algorithm, is not that effective for me to find new music. I am all for new music. People are into that. How to do this then? Purchases are a good indicator too. Maybe there is a function on youtube for this? There should be. With google behind them, it's disappointing that they were not able to improve on youtube. They should do a shakeup there. How come no one else is picking up the pace? Like, if I were the competition, I will introduce changes that will wake everything up—much like what apple did.

This is how you can get in to this market. You disrupt everything. You offer an advantage to your market that is clearly for them. You support the all and they will support you back. No expectations. Only do it because it interests you.

I found this youtube streamer but I lost the link. That means I don't need it. Move forward to the next one. Next time, bookmark them to the cloud so I will know where to find them next. I feel like I overslept this time. Do I want to keep to this music? There are other sites that offer new music. Should I go there?

I just want something in my ears. Is that addicted? That lady on kettlebells has hot torso. I like that part. She must look good naked. She's not so muscular, but her torso, that part from the abs going to the hips, is awesome. I don't know what that is called, but I think it is called the torso.

Anyway, I am writing to finish these. I have teenagers in the house. I am getting old—shifting into something else. The physical is not the main thing here anymore. I don't know what it is. The local mind can't get a grasp for it, but together, it is understood.

My phone rang. I am halfway through this one page. This is the second page. That means I am almost done here. Wife and kids are going to church, then head off to the flea market. I like it there. It's cloudy with showers today. I wonder if things are going to improve later on.

I can hang out there, then when it's time to go, I can head over there. I can bring a towelette to freshen up when I get there. That be a good day working out. I will go back to that. There are a number of things to do around here. Do this and get to the other side. I will get it with regular practice.

That's how you get good at something, even programming. You practice everyday. More so when no one is looking. When it is not expected of you. I don't have much to offer other than I am committing to it. If you can't get that, then you are not fit to be my guide. Not teacher. There is no such thing as a teacher.