alicia on a thursday

Comix cursor made updates and now my cursors are a bit smaller. I like them bigger which makes it easy for me to spot them. I am able to make them up to a certain size. It's ok, but better if they can be bigger. Anyway...

wife is working out. My face looks smaller in the mirror. That's a good sign that keto is working. The waistline shows reflection later, for now, this will do. Wife is about to get ready for work. I will drive her to work. Tomorrow night, she comes home late. She will hang out and have drinks with officemates. Despedida.

I don't mind really. I am open with our relationship. If she wants to sleep with anyone, all she has to do is tell me and let me watch a few times—just to make sure she'll be safe.

Is it weird? Some people thinks so. I am that secure and confident with my self. She can leave me for someone else. It's going to be painful for me if this will happen, but it's synchronicity. Everything happens for a reason. I don't have to judge if it's good or bad. Like a present, all I need to do is to be open and allow it to happen.

This is the old mcdonalds commercial music. It was a hit then. I enjoyed eating big macs with fries and milkshake. I ran and workout a lot back then. I can eat anything and still get lean. I was at my prime physically. When was that? College days. That was a long time ago. These days, I am not in that light. How to get there?

Play more often. I have been not doing that. I tend to watch over the kids and attend to their issues. That has been happening for more than a decade now. How to get there? I was able to lose weight before. What happened? I was playing more. I was, not disciplined, but had positive motivation. Rather, my motivation was in alignment.

How to get there again? I don't know. What's apparent is that I take the next interesting path in front of me. I can go out for a bike ride today. I can workout later on. For now, do whatever that interests me. Riding my bike sounds good. That needs maintenance work anyway. The kids can text me and i'd be home in a reasonable time.

There's enough food here. There's coke and pepsi in the ref. This is a font I like do I have helvetica here? Nope. I will yaourt that later. For now, do this.

Now, that is in my head. What can I do about it? Keep it there. It's like a splinter in my mind. That matrix movie became a cultural thing. It was such a great movie that people use them as metaphors all the time.

I think that reddit has its finger on the pulse—is that the right way to say it? If you want to know what's popular, go to reddit. That's what I am saying. You won't find it on facebook. Everyone is a goody two shoes on facebook. Reddit, you can be anonymous in there.

And I spend a lot of time in there. It's interesting. Even though I get no work done, since it is interesting for me, then that's what I do.

I can do work anytime. What's important for me is that I follow that path, be in the light. Go for alignment in everything. That is all I do. Nothing outside of that. If it's not in alignment, then I go to the light soon as I find out.

Sometimes I don't see it soon enough. But when I feel heavy on the inside, then I can choose to let go. I am back with pandora. This time, I try not to like. I only unlike songs I don't like. Rap is a no no for me. I think it's on the downtrend. Rap is filler for junk music these days. They, the dope music industry, will create music that's not much, add rap to extend things. I don't think that is going to work for me.

This is how you create the world that is in alignment with my frequency. I don't have to change the world. All I need to do is to change myself. What about not having anything new?

That is only on the outside. I get new insights all the time. I jeust need to tune in and listen. I get them when I need thoem. No need to get new stuff from the lbirary. Even the wife is using that term—library.

What does it mean? If you need learning resources, you go to the library. I think there's something that needs my attention with my son's sound system. I will look into that. This here is new music.

I spend a lot of time in front of the computer. What am I getting out of it?