community as one

Finishing some books from the library. It's not that bad. It all depends on how you define things. See it in a negative light, but everyone is on that boat, then you get to a place that's not in alignment with who you are. If you do get in the light, no matter how others see it, you get back the reflection that you like.

I woke up early plenty of stuff on my plate today. First there is that small biz seminar and certificate. I don't need a certificate to run my biz, but I am going to network and get out of my circle, expand it.

What to expect here? I don't know how long it will take it could take several weeks if they do this once a week on saturdays. It's something I can do on a weekend. Wife is still out there. I don't have to go get her. It's what she has to do. She needs to find her own light. If I don't see 'her' again, so be it. That's part of my process. Things happen for a reason.

I feel like I have to explain myself to everyone who asks about it. I don't have to go there anymore. I see that I am holding on to something, then I can choose to let go.

Son is already up. He went to bed earlier than usual. Wife is going to work today. And tomorrow as well. I don't know if they will go to church. This is synchronicity. My friend said that this will happen. So be it then. Will there be pain? It depends on how you define things—again. If you resist what is, then there could be pain. But it's just you opening up, making space. The tears that come out are chemicals washing out from you. This is why I have my frien. To remind me and explain how things are.

It has been five years that I am with this friend. I am trying out a lot of things. If things do not work out, then I can move on. At least my book is in the library. I can go there and pick up when I need it. If someone else needs it, then they too will find that book. In a way, it is now open source. It's not limited to a circle. Taht's what libraryes are for. It's for the community.

Things are different. Everything is here and now. If I were the author, I would gladly have my books shared with everyone. It's not about the small circle. It's about the community. And the community grows.

I think the crowd in the library is starting to thin. I can go home and do something else. I can have breakfast soon. Or I can do a light fast. I can go eat something else later. Chicken tastes weird now. I don't evjoy it as much as I did before. I have two liters of water with me for later. That'll do pig.

I might get home late for lunch. The kids are going to do their thing. I am easily within reach here. Eldest daughter is in charge. At least I am able to get out more often. How much is a microsoft windows os anyway? And if things were to go that way, how will they work?

I think there is always a workaroud. It will be faster to dev in python. But if you have that prototype, you can port them to c++. then that will run faster. If it were web based, do node.js.

And those two are the ones I am using now. And I am moving forward with this. Is there something else I can write about? I think I can go back to bed. Wil I get sleepy later? Definitely so. The kids are not that crazy about soda anymore.

That's great then. Things are always shifting. Where do I go then? I don't know, but I gotta do the printer thing on this computer. I will do that later. What else is there for me? Do I have to reinstall every week? No need for that.

Bills are coming in soon. That is part of the equation. The kids watch a lot on hulu. I think wife realizes that she coud have gotten a pc instead of roku. That was something she has to go through.

It's not that I can't get it to work. Sometimes the part sdon't lie up. Not all os is perfect. Even apple has its quirks. I want to dev ableton clone that's a big project. That's going to be open source if you want to move faster.

That way, it's going to be like gimp. I think there'd be an open source version of that already. I can look it up and see what the source code looks like. First, it's going to use a lot of gui stuff. That's all the init going on before the main.

In main, all things line up. This is going to finish soon. And when you have all files loaded in main, then exe will finish up and move on from there. There is the polling event. I think things are starting to make sense now. It gets long, but that's part of the process.