thursday now going

Only do your best. No expectations as to what results you get down the line. There is only, everything is here and now. If you do your best here and now, then everything else will take care of itself if you allow it.

I have this tightness in me when I don't get in the light. This tells me I need a break. From there, I do something else. Right now, I feel like I 'have' to do this or that. I have something coming up in march. That's a long time from now. In the meantime, I can do something else.

The girls are getting ready for school. It's just me and the son all day. I can't go out while he's alone. I can do this and something else. I learned a few things about mongodb last night. I did not know you can do such things. Now I prefer mongo over couch. I will play with that some more.

I like ruby, but the gems and the bundler gets too complicated for me. And then there is rvm. I can install them on my arch, but not right now. It's not a priority. I want to finish what's on my list. There's three for web dev and one for game dev. I hate it when he whines like that. He's like a baby and brings me to those times.

What can I do here? Wife il getting ready to leave for work. She comes home early today. We celebrate my son's birthday. We have dinner out, see some people. I don't see them as close friends. Why is that.

Second daughter doesn't want to go to school. All of them don't want to go to school. Wife is concerned about it. It's summer still but it's not as hot like last year. Things are starting to cool down. Maybe we can have some snow here. Wife needs to be driven to the bus stop. If she walks that everyday, that be good workout.

I can do that myself. It's not a long walk. It's a good workout though and I don't get why she don't want that. Anyway, do something else here.

I think we meet her at that bus station. I got that lucida typewriter, but it's not that exciting to look at. My son gets that monologue from watching games on youtube. That's how people in there talk. If he uses f words that often, I think it's going to come out somehow.

But it's not. So I am not that worried about it. I am allowing the noise. And this is why I have headphones so I can concentrate on what it is I am doing. There is sdl tutorials to go through. I enjoy doing that. It repeats over and over, at least I get something from that.

There is also the c++ tutorials, but it gets boring. I would rather go through something I read so I can listen to music. Progressive sounds good for me. It's a steady beat and doesn't distract me so much.

That lady from college is still hot this day. I think it's because she has a detoxed body. Her system clears pretty fast. We all have different paths to take. It's not a cross that we carry, but a path to the beach. It's how I define it. It's how I see it. My path is different than yours. Not that one is better than the other. It's only different.

Sometimes we merge and walk together for a while. That's fun. But most of the time, we go on our own way. That's fine too. This is why it's interesting. I saw this guy the other day. He was riding a trike. I think he has mental challenges. He did not look like a regular kid. It's good that he rides his bike.

I enjoy riding my bike too. If I get a job or something, I ride my bike to and from work everyday, as much as I can. It's a fun way to end the day. If it's raining, then I can dosomething to adapt to it.

Daughter has to meet friends and has to make a long way detour. That's her choice. She enjoys hanging out with them. Sometimes I feel like I want her to stop playing. But that's her play. That brings her joy.

It's her life. This is her path. I can't insist on telling her what to do. That will mess things up. Or is that just a definition I have. One other daughter is walking to school. We can drive her to school. Is the son going to come with us?

This is when I have to scroll down to see how much I have to go. I don't think I can write in the old layout anymore. I can hunt for the keys but that is going to be so much slower.

I will do that sdl thing. After that go through the opengl. I don't know where this is taking us. For now, this is something that interests me. If it interests me, I go there.