back on days

I am listening to the jazz genre, but there's hiphop mashup in it. Why? Maybe that is a variant of jazz? I feel like I would rather learn blender first, than do unity3d. I feel like if I get blender, unity and udk will follow. I'm not sure, but I think blender is better than both, only that it runs on python for scripting.

I have much to learn about it. Only get to the other side and see what happens. Everynoe here is watching that thor movie. Like, if these be gods, then why are they behaving like humans? Others will say that it's fiction. But that is how their god is behaving.

Arguing with die hards is like playing chess with a pigeon. You know the story. Anyway... I like that song. It grew on me. I don't feel like reading blender for dummies. I would rather do an exercise creating something. That way, I will learn more about the interface.

I can create a site for it, but that's going to add to the complexity. There is so much on my todo list. There is also everyday drawing. And something else. I think I like this jazz genre on soundcloud.

I've just shared this on facebook. I also added this to my playlist and liked music. At least there's going to be variety in there. And what else is there for me? I think you can create mozies like these on blender. Do you need actors for that? Maybe. Or to make it easy, create animations all the way.

It's something that I am looking into. I am also learning python. It's not separate. It's all a part of the big picture. It's all connected. It's not this or that. It's this and that.

And I have not written morning pages in a long time. I bought myself a sixb pencil. I am getting back to sketching. There is urban sketching. There is also just me sketching things that catch my attention.

I can do that for an hour a day. I can go sit somewhere and start drawing. That place by the beach is a great place to do that. It'd be great if there was music for me. But this is the way. No need if it's not tehre. The kids are still watching this movie do I watch something else? I can do that tomorrow.

Do I need to do something else? I want to continue with c++. right now, I am facing a blank wall. What to do about it? Give it time off. It will come back to you. Or maybe I can do some other thing about programming. Like python network programming.

That will be nice. It's part of the process as well. Kids goitg to bed. I gotta get back to this to finish writing. I don't like that series. Thor. It's kinda shallow. And there's drawing. I gotta go to office max tomorrow. Who is that guy? I think he's supposed to be a new marvel dude or something.

What else is there for us? I don't know yet. Get to the other side and see where this leads to. That's the attitude. I had a long day riding. I forgat that thing I was supposed to deliver and had to go back for it and get that done. It's good. I saw that I was able to finish the ride.

I also learned that I got to that wall, I think. I had this feeling that I couldn't go on. It's the brain running out of glycogen. Why is the jazz genre have this kind of music? Anyway.

That I can move it forward to the next song. The kids are going to bed now. I don't feel sleepy yet. I had an hour nap this afternoon. When I got up, it felt like I did not get any sleep. But I did. Taht's how much sleep I got.

So now this morning page is back in the thread. What to do next? I get up tomorrow morning and this is the first thing I do. Get back to that routine. Or at least start writing again.

Sometimes I feel like I am all over the place. I am not concentrating on anything. But since it's here, then this is part of the process. This is something I need to do and be. So be it then. And what can we make out of this?

I don't know yet. I try not to have expectations about it. And what are these things they show on csi? It's the thing they show. Do I do something else? I am watching this instead.

College girls are so hot. But they are shallow. I prefer my women to be a bit more mature. I awant someone to talk to. Young women there are exceptions here and there. I think I got on the wrong ones early on.