bike later noon

I am done with some stuff, it's time to write. I was going to do unity this morning. Since wife asked me to drive her to work, I chose not to do unity. I can do that later. And it was part of the process. I realized that my business was to provide assets to these gold rush people in the gaming world. Limiting myself to just one game engine might not be good. Blender is the way to go then.

Besides, everything is lined up for blender. It's pointing downstrem. Either the interest factor, or point downstream...these two are my criteria to determine which way to go next.

Right now, I have both unity and blenedr on my pc. Both have plenty of resources for learning. What made me pick blender is that it runs faster on my arch pc. I have unity on windows, but when it's running and I am learning how to use it, it's way much slow. It runs better on the laptop. The thing is, my daughter is always using the laptop. She plays her online games in there. It's her thing.

I don't think there's anything bad about it other than how I define things. It's not her fault that she feels bad when not being able to play. She goes into the zone when she plays that game. I know how it feels. Wife sometimes want to get attention and when you are deep in the zone, it's a shock. And she expects you to be there when she's around. What she doesn't get is that she gets to be in her zone while at work and we don't get to disturb her.

But that's not here. I bring it up so I can redefine things. It's going to be bright and sunny today. I will go out for a ride later on. I think I have some books in the library. That'll be a fun ride. Do it around lunch time so there'd be nice ladies in the beach.

I am making lunch now. I will have intermittent fasting this morning then. It has been twelve hours since I last ate. Having late breakfast, or early lunch is suffice enough to go into IF.

That's part of the keto project. It's an easy way to get into woosh. And how to get that business going? It is already on. Digital something company. I think that's a good name for the biz. Or location product company. I think that's also good. This is why I don't have to get a url for that. I don't think that will be good. There's enough on the blogspot that gets on front page. No need to get url. In the long run, it don't really help. And I think that lady who's into blogging in wordpress is not that into the business idea. It's supposed to be automated. Like if you were to take off for a year, it's still going to make money.

And that's why providing for the gold rush is a better business model than joining that rush. I wonder what happened to levi's. It's a fad thing. Khaki is classic. I would rather wear dockers than jeans. I used to have good khakis back in college. I loved wearing them to bits.

I forgot what the brand was, but when I find good khakis, I get them. Not those baggy types. I don't like those. It's like what grandparents wear. I like those that look good when your shirt is tucked into them. Anyway, I am headed back in that direction. I feel like in this country, I am on temp. like I want to go back to manila. I think moving to the city will fix that.

It's just the crowd I miss. Going to queens road every now and then I get that fix. What else to do today? I can test that thing on the internet. I think that app connects is some way. Closing the port for http servers will block the websites. You don't want that.

Maybe it's something else. I think I will know what it is if I did a search for it. I don't want a job. I want a business. I am in business.

Right now, the business is just me. That will change when it becomes relevant. Right now, my process only needs me. This way, after things have grown, it'll be fun to look back. The kids are still in bed. They don't get up until later. They don't want to go to church.

I think when the oven is the problem, then you go out and turn off the main switch outside. It's the power that will turn off the heat. I just learned that on the internet. And that is the great equalizer. Information is that thing. The internet is a tool to gather information.

What happens next? Application. How do I do that? I don't know yet. I am getting all these information on how to do things. I get there when I get there. One more paragraph and I am done here.

This is the last. I had to enter enter to get here. This is a two liner to get things done.