allow both sides

I've just discovered blues brothers. The service is fast. I think I can get faster turn around with this one. The only concern is that their selections are limited at this time. With the way people are knowing about them, it won't be long before the selection starts to pick up.

I can make a contribution to the community. Atm, I am part of a live one. It meets on tuesdays. It's just started. It has several months to go. I think this one has potential...but then again, if I am wrong about this, then it's one step closer to finidng what's right for me.

Again, I am looking into something else. There is that 'need' to be in the right place. I think the lesson for me here is that it provides contrast as to where I need to be. Be in the light. A good artist can use only a charcoal stick and still be productive.

Maya has more resources for learning at this time. I am going to stick with that. Also zbrush. It's easier to sue when creating a mesh. I am going to stick with it. By the time the business has grown, I can do upgrades to accommodate the company's growth.

As captain of this ship, I am starting a log—like the one in star trek. That'd be interesting. What if someone finds out? It don't have to. I can strike out the name from all that. Or I can start a new account that is not related in any way.

I can do that. Or I can simply stick with this one and see how far that will go. Son will not go to school today. I can take him to see the doctor. I was getting headaches last night. It might be a bug that I got from my kids. I wonder if youngest daughter will go to school today? If not, then I can go for a run later on.

I am still going out for a run. Or not. I can ride tomorrow, but wife is going to work tomorrow. I have issues there. I am not in the light. I see the contrast and that puts me back in the light. This is my process here. This is why there is contrast.

What to do today? Go with the intro tutorials. Go deep. When I get tired of that, I can go with zbrush the following day. Or not. It depends on how I feel. I am moving forward. Even if things seem like it's going nowhere, I am still going forward with this.

I got up early today. I am going to crash later on. What to do next? I can do that email thing before I get on with my day. I can do that intermittent fast. Yesterday, it somehow felt good running on empty.

I think that is helping. Running on empty feels so much better once you get used to it, or adjusted, acclimated. Compared to getting a full tank, there is no derpession that comes afterwards. I think I can explore that more.

I used to be gung-ho with open source. Now I am also seeng the benefits of the other side. Darth vader was the number one because he embraced both light and the dark side. To him, there was no judgement. Why not tell his story from that perspective?

I think he saw that unifying all was the way to go. The story was told that he was using force. Violence I mean. But if told from that perspective. You will see that he was not using violence. The resistance was using violence. Why hide your kids from their father. I think the jedis were behaving like the church. It was not good for them to do that.

How would you tell their story then? Because they embraced both light and dark, there was no judgement there. Because the resistance was negative, there was fighting that had to be done. It defined them. It was easy for the emperor to gain ground as they embraced all.

Where is this story going? I think you need to see it from a third person's point of view. Why not from a student? Someone who was watching all this from the outside. Then he or she achieved and built on their shoulders. Like standing on the shoulders of giants.

This is why I write. There is connection tehre. I was in the flow. Now the editeor is back, but still. Tho practice continues. What to do next? Only write and finish the writing. I can do the businessplan starting today. This way, I can have more time for composting.

That be the project. I can go in that direction. If it were a game dev, then blender would be good. I can go deep into unity also. Then I can do maya. It's all on that side. The programming thing goes in arch. I will go in here now and then. And then I turn of the stream. That is what this is all about.