dst coming up

I woke up, got up sometime around 540am. I went to bed sometime after eleven. This is my day pattern. It's somethnig that I can control, choose to control if I wanted to, or maybe not. But that's it.

I am going to crash in the middle of the day. Again, this is something that I can choose. I can stay up, but it is much more enjoyable waking up from a good, deep afternoon nap than to go through the day without one.

It feels refreshing. Like I disconnected and went some place else and had a grand time. It's like going on vacation. I think my friend moved permanently. I can go ask her. Maybe it's all in the comments.

Their dad works there. They practically must have grown up without him. But with tech today, they probably had constant communication. That's how things are these days. My bros do not have access to the internet as much. And that's how it is. There is a meaning for this. It works that way. If there was more, then it will be. No need to make things happen. Hings fall into place by itself.

And what are things going into? I don't know. I have gone through reddit. Sometimes it gets boring. If it's not in the first page, then it starts to lose its sizzle. The most interesting parts are from page one. There is groupon. I think there are stuff that needs to be done here.

I need my picture taken and sent to csbm today. The class is on tuesday. I don't think they'll be issuing more books. I can bring by bike. I will just bring an extra big bag this time. I was thinking of doing that. I never expected that a free govt sponsored course will give out that much stuff. It was good.

I think classes like these should be the norm. I think public should focus more on these entrep stuff. It's how the economy grows. Am I the only tech start up there? There are several others.

It's what interests you more that matters. No need to go there. Only get to the other side. I think there is something here to do. Let's see where the path leads to. Riding my bike, I can explore things. And that's how I enjoy spending my time. I don't like ride the car, go there, look around and go back. That's not me.

That rotorua trip, I could have gone there by bike and get lost in the process, then come back. That would be a more valid experience for me. I come back a different person. But it was faster. I explore the unknown now and then. If I havent been on this fork in the road, I take it.

Should I go to the library? It's a good thing to go there. What else is there? I think it's going to go there or something. For now, only do this. I have great kids. Nothing to get worried there. Trust that they know what they arre doing.

They all get up late today. I can go back to bed later and catch a nap. Or do something else. It's a weekend. I do the laundry later on. We are getting close to daylight savings again. The world is shifting. It feels like summer is shorter. The hot days are shorter and there are more cold days than hot.

This is how things are. I think we can grow from here. Is there a different meetup that I can attend? I think the tuesdays thing is good enough. I can grow from there. It's a long session. It's going to be interesting.

It's like that. You see each other that much and you go through stuff together. Growing a business is interesting. Trust the synchronicity. I can write that all day and get used to the letters. But I don't have to. It's not interesting enough. That is what leads my days. And that's what I do all day. I am supported with that.

I am now on expansion mode. It all grows from here. This is a twisted position. I cant go here much. I did yoga yesterday. I finished it off with abs. That way, everhing is covered. I don't have to force it.

I only enjoy things I do and do things that I enjoy. If it's not there, then I don't go, unless it's synchronicity, then I see it that way. The unknow. It's like the deep sea. I have this deep emotion about it. Not that I am scared. But when I see it from afar, it looks scary. But when I get in the water, it's fun. I can dive in.

it's like in puerto galera. I enjoyed that time there. It's something I can do again. It's there. I can choose to go back. Like ride bike to goat island and spend a month in there. That's what the business is about. Grow capital so I can live off it for three years even if I don't have to work. That's what this is about.