going out now

I am more comfortable with cloud trading. In a glance, you can tell how the market is doing. While you can't say short term where it's going, at least I have a better idea, more clues as to how I will trade profitably. And I think I can create a product for this. Target middle-aged adults and I have something going for me.

The benefits i'd sell here is that they can make money with this with just two hours of their time. They have to be watching the market around the time berlin markets open and going into the london open. This way, they will find opportunities to open a position and after the london open, close that position.

This is a bit of a trend following method. You will use trailing stops to make sure that good positions make money and that losers get stopped out at once. I can point them to the mt4 app on anrdoid. This way, they can watch the market on their phone and maybe do trades using that app.

And that's good. What is not good is them overtrading. Maybe there's a way to block them from trading during off hours. It's not a get rich quick thing, but if they know and understand the principles behind it, then they can take it to the bank.

I am thinking whether I should use node + heroku for the website, or go straight blogger. With blogger, there is less of a hassle. What' great with blogger is that if I keep the original generic url, it's more believable than using a custom domain. It's a blog. It is someone's experience. That is more believable and credible than a site that wants to sell them something.

I can pattern that after my poker website. Only with this one, I have less stuff to concern myself with. Let's see how things go then. I am on to this. Jeff treat everyone for dinner last night. It was the anniversary of his arrival in new zealand and we took him into our home. I don't know if I can approach him for help. At least I see that he knows how to look back.

I appreciate that. Wife thought that he was promoted or something. It was good that he spent time with us. Wife is good to them as well. I am a bit aloof with them. It's because sometimes of the choices I make in response to my wife's choices. I can do something about it then as I can see it.

I am going to the library to return my daughter's book. I am also doing the intemittent fast. There was heavy dinner last night. There was a bit of carbs I think but not much. There was that thing where you cook in the middle. I'm not that crazy about it, but that is good for low carb.

There was this college group in the table besides us. I don't think there's much to compare although I saw contrast. We're different from each other but none is better or worse than the other. It is always about the contrast.

Sherlock is a british movie. My kids like these british movies. I wonder how things will be soon. We are going to snow vacation in august. That be good and something to look forward to. For now, only do this. Do I take a break then? That's three days. I don't know. I will take a break on my daughter's birthday. At least this is in momentum already. Do you run software like that? I don't know. I think it is only fancy stuff they do on that tv show.

I like working with programming stuff. I learn a lot. There is also blender. That has been moved into hobby status for now.

one more week

Wife needs a drive-by to bus stop. I have about half an hour to write morning pages. I have time.

I just read a few threads on my subject-small biz stuff on the internet. I think that one on treehouse is a scam and just wants to get attention for his forum looking for membership sales. It was right for others to complain about it. And I found a reason why I don't do warrior forum. It's a community for people selling ebooks to each other. I am not going back there anymore.

It's like those at the top of the totem pole will crit you to hell if you raise that definition that they are all selling to each other.

But the subreddit on copywriting and internet marketing are not that much help. Not really. There's more to it though. And I have a few ebooks to add on my assignment, but do not forget about writing. Even john carlton gets the writer's block that I go through. I am in good company. I am headed in the right direction then.

It's not that he is in the right direction and I am not. It's that my path is different than his, but we are doing the same practice. No need to put myself down. And I resonate my vibration and I get my own reflection. It's the process for me.

How to get from here to there? You don't. You simply become. There is no out there. Everything is here and now. At this moment, either you are or you are not. There is no trying. And my son is getting frustrated with the game he is playing. He wants things to be easy.

Then just be. It's the way to go. This is why minecraft is doing good. You can try that as well. I think I am going there. What else is there for me? I am sticking in with my interests. It's my vibration that needs a look.

What to do now? Enjoy the day. I can go out for a ride. But I don't have books in the library. I can stay at home and do yoga. I am also going to do the laundry. It's going to rain I think. So I am going to put the laundry inside the house.

Raiderz still keeps getting errors. I don't think it's a good idea to keep downloading the same stuff. Do something else instead. But she don't want to try something else. I don't get why that is so.

Try it in a different computer. I can then copy paste the file over and see how things go. But I don't want to go there. Do something else. That house did a garage sale. I think it's more junk than anything.

It's the same with business. You sell junk and people will know that it's junk. What you want is to be associated with the good stuff. You want to start off that way and get to the other side.

How to do that? Be that person. There is no other way. There are. It's this and that. But that one is the shortcut as I learnt it. You can go this or that. Or maybe it's something else.

I don't know what else to do with my daughter's raiderz game. I don't think the people behind it are doing a good job. Or maybe it's such a big community that you get different results.

Maybe it's that then. How to get to the other side? Got my wife to not install skype on the laptop. It's a known security risk.

say something now

I am feeling confused, anxuous. I enjoy programming. I also like to write, do art stuff. Why not do all of them? Not this or that. It's this and that. Why not? I don't have to limit myself to only one. I can do all of them anyway.

Why don't you. Touch base on one each week. Progress one percent each week and you go very far with that. Maybe there is something there that offers something like a swapfile. I can then rewrite something and learn. I think that be possible. Wso is something like that. I can look into that.

See here. That is also one way of seeing things. There's so much I can do I don't want to limit myself. I think an auto pilot business is what I need. How to do that? What are my options? I can get fonts I need off yaourt. This is what I like about arch. Everything is within my fingertips. All I need is google to learn.

And doing it. I think the doing grounds everything into here and now. The kids are still sleeping. They wake up much later on holidays. I wonder what the plan is for today. We can hang out. I think this is what's interesting here. Sometimes I don't want to be creative. It's because you are wanting to please someone. It's like carrying someone else's baggage. Do something else. Python is good to learn as there's a lot in there. Gae uses the old python. That's the drawback there. But there's not a lot of difference really.

Nodejs is good to learn to. The thing is, I am in learn mode. Do I want to go there even. I know all these things. I don't have to keep on learning. Do something. Create something already. I can create web games if I wanted to. I don't have to. Create on demand. The artist doesn't go for that. Maybe that's what's stopping me. That definition that I can do something differently.

Why not go there. Like what? Follow your light. It's there for a reason. This is talking to my higher self. Follow what interests you. Do not look to someone else. That is their light they follow. Do something else without expectation. Do it because it's interesting for you. Do it because it swallows you whole. That is where you want to be.

There is a mosquito here. It's that connection to flow. That is where you want to go. It's beautiful outside. Do I want to ride bike? I can go out later. Wife is home. Do I want to stay at home? I can go out now. I can come back some time after lunch. I can do yoga later on. It's not that I am separating myself. It's because my ligth is different from hers.

She won't even consider riding a bike. It's not fun for her. I don't hold it against her. She holds things from me because I am different. That's reflection and contrast for me. I learn from it. I use the energy. This is how things are for me now. There is so much energy there. The local mind can'tgrasp all of it. Can't make sense out of it. What I know is that I can use the energy and do something with it. I can play with it.

What's the plan today? I am back to copywriting and now I am thinking about creating websites. Maybe this time I can upload things to gae. I can update them regularly. But heroku works. I don't have to force anything there. It costs to run my site from there.

Is there a better way? I will find it soon as I start going that way. I can't see it by reflection. The path opens up when I start moving. Is that third daughter moving? She don't usually get up until later.

easter sunday raining

No homework this week. We do not have classes on tuesday. Wife took the kids out for a short roadtrip with her friends. I was thinking of going, but I don't think she was keen about that. So I let it go at that. My eldest daughter asked if I was coming. Wife was there, and she 'asked' if I wanted to come with them. My reply? Knowing that we'd both get in a fight during the trip, do you really want me to go? She said no.

and that's why I am home. And it's raining outside. I was planning to go bike to the library. I guess I don't have to go then. I can do yoga later on. After I finish this I do yoga. There's not much bashar out there now.

I just got a call from them. She said it's raining at where they were going so they cancelled that trip. Instead, they'd be going around this city. Still no invites. So I do something else. Like what? I have enough food here. I can make spaghetti later on. It's up to them what they want to do. I am bitter that I wasn't invited. But what can I do.

It must be painful to have bone cancer like that. If it were bone, then that person would be in constant pain. Joy passed away because of bone cancer, I think. Good thing she was alreadi in the US. I wonder what it was like for her. I have her now. Hello joy. How are you? You have expansion now. Or maybe you do something else? But it was fun for you then. It's just the ego that's in the way? Not that it's in the way. It's part of the process.

I will do yoga after I finish these. My typing seems to be off lately. Is it because I am thinking so much of the letters? At least I am months gone from starting with dvorak. I am in high school with this.

And people do not think that institutions are the best way to learn. It's only good to get documented about it but there are other ways of getting that. One is experience. I would rather hire someone who can show me work they've done. Also to consider is how they think. The documentation doesn't mean much to me.

There was discussion about small business last night. There are a number of things that you can do about it. Do I want to upload them to windows—my files? I can do that to the barch machine. What then? I don't know. I am taking a break from learning metasploit. I will go back to that later on. For now, I only do this. I write. I write about my days. I write about how I feel. I tend to hide things that I don't want anymore. If it bothers me, I make references to it.

If it's raining, what good is it to go around? I don't know. Maybe second daughter will ask to be sent home so she can play. I think that is a possibility. And what's next? I can go to where they are going if I chose to. But it's raining right now. And I go micro when I go there. I want to zoom in. they are so zoomed out when they trips like that. The experience is not for me, how they do things. Is hat our car?

It sounded like it. Where's the door thug? I don't think it's them. Otherwise, I would have seen the car come in the driveway. And I am still writing. This is second page. I saw porn. It's fun. It's a release. It points downstream. That's a good business name right there. I will keep that in mind. It is going to be in that dictionary there.

When the time comes, everything is going to slide down easy. For now, this is where I am. Nothing else to do around here. What else? I don't know. It's raining. They are just going to eat and do something else. They might want to come here. They might want to just see movies there. I can bring the laptop over there. Or not.

She can install her games in that pc. I don't know. I am done there. I will do yoga after I finish these. This is the second page. This is the new way of me doing things. Do I want to be a writer? Wanting means I am not. Being is different. Being is unconditional. Wanting has conditions to it. That's not where I want to be.

That's not what I prefer. I choose to be in the light. Also in the dark is being. I am also contrast. It was fun spending time with my son yesterday. He's the youngest. I think that's the last of the unconditional love expressions I am going to get. And I am good with that.

He's a good kid. He is so smart. He is learning all these things about roblox. I don't teach him. I help out when he needs it, but most of the time, I leave him alone and let him follow what interests him. He is smart. I think that's what schools do not see. What they know is what is in their curricullum. Not for me.

second morning pages

Someone sent me an email last night about sme. I don't know where that person got my email. It must be from that subreddit I help moderate. I recently sent for verification on my email. I don't know how that is going to help with bacon bits. It's something that I am working on.

It's a long way to go. But what's different about this is that I know that I need that much points to qualify. And now that's the path iam walking. Is that the right term?

Son asked me to wake him up at six thirty. I did. He's still in bed. He gets up later again at seven. That is the official get up time. I run later today. If the hives are back, then so be it. That was one time it got worse. I think it was two in a row there. That house was something else.

This home is different. Wife wants to go out with her friends. I got an invite, but it's open. I don't want to go. I would rather do something else. She let someone else do the planning. I don't like her style. I don't like their style both. There is a good chance I am not going. That's one day of being with them?

It's not that. I don't approve of it. And really, them be boring. I have other things in my head. I can do that. I can go out and ride my bike going there. That be fun. My kids want to do something else. I am going to walk with my son going to that party. How to do that? I think the other kids might want to stay home.

That's a long walk going there. We are going on bike. That's for sure. I can teach him how to ride at the back. If he wants to. As kids, that was exciting. I wonder if kids today know how to do that.

I was thinking of posting that on facebook. I couldn't find an image for that. I wonder if my son will want to ride that way? I will bring my bike. That makes it easy for me to get back. And if son wants to ride at the back then that be good.

They are growing up fast. Does that mean I am growing old as well. Not really. It's a definition. How to work that? I finished making their lunch for school. Tomorrow is the last day for the term. I too do not have classes next tuesday.

How to go from here? Take it one day ata time. I finished the planning stage. Next module is about business laws and regulations. I don't think there's much to concern myself with. I wonder how the modules would be in that phase.

And then what? When am I writing a book? I can write abook, but only if it is something I am interested in. it's going to flow forth. It's not going to be a bleed session where I force it out of me. It's not there when it'snot there. I don't write. The only times I force myself to write is morning pages. I don't have to force the words out. I just write down whatever comes to mind.

Maybe this is how I should be drawing. I can go there. Where did that pencil go? I liked that pencil. I can get another one in due time. Tell me about that couple? Man. They only talk about themselves. The hubby is knida ok. But he gets into that rut at times. I can get into trouble with this. But this is writing. These things need to come out. It's what's in the flow. And that you gottoa write about.

I can do yoga later in the afternoon. If that trip is going to cut into our grocery costs, then I don't want to go there. I would rather do something else. Like what? I don't know. I am all about scale and leverage. There is none of that in there. I would rather do something eles. Like what?

Explore the city on bike. But these people are too scared to ride a bike. That alone is a year's worth of fun. How to get them there? You don't you only do what's right. I can go attend that group. They have a meeting later? It's get together for coffee.

They also have rides. I don't have night lights so I am going to skip that for now. There are less rides on going winter. I can stick with that. People go there to ride. I can get laid in there if I wanted. Am I still losing weight?

I think so. The belt feels loose again. It's one inch a month. I can finish this by the time I finish that course. It's not much, but the networking is going to be in there. How to make it better? Or maybe I don't have to do anything? I think that's the idea there.

It's not that I am going to make things happen. It's that everything will fall into place that way. And if it don't, then so be it. I don't have to post stuff from the newspaper. Do I want a website?

sunny despite forecast

I was doing some writing yesterday and realised that my fingers are not that dvorak-y. I guess I haven't been writing much. This is evident as well with the number of pics accumulating in my folder.

So I write again. I am upset with wife. She keeps making comments that I respond negatively. I think those comments were not meant to offend. Why did I take offense on them? It's because things are not working out with me. I have this assessment homework that is taking too long. Procrastination is there. But I feel like I don't have to take classes on how to start a business.

I go there for the network and to meet new people. Do I still want to go there, or do something else? It's something to do on a tuesday evening. I have been there for a few weeks now. I can still continue doing that. There has been a lot of mosquitoes lately. I am getting them insect bites on my leg. I think it was this time last year that one got infected.

My son also gets these bites. I don't see much mosquitoes flying around here. It's different. Maybe it's a different insect. I can do yoga. Or I can go out and ride my bike and get that book. It gets old sometimes. Yesterday I was in the house all day. I think I may have to reinstall windows in that laptop. Wife has to give the go signal. I don't want to do things without them asking for it. I know there's something wrong with it. They have to ask me to fix it so they know and admit(?) that it's broken and need my help. Otherwise... there goes my definitions again. Why not just do it because it's what brings you into the light?

It's not. It is something I do not prefer doing right now. I would rather be doing something else. So don't do it. Do something else. And that's where this is going. I do two pages now. Sometimes I get so stuck with the things to do that I forget what is more important. Being in the light is important for me. I think carrying all that baggage is also part of the process. If I am there, then it's contrast. The darkness shows you where the light is. It's not there to hide the light. Only you hide the light.

That is key. That is insight. That is why I write. I don't want to de like this or that. I am already in the moment. It is all about definition. If I am not, then it is not part of my preferences. I think it is the config file. Contrast brings up what is in tat config file. If something is not in alignment. You look into that.

When you want things to be in alignment, you check that config filea nd align everything. After that, the emotions will make things work. Its' that simple. Work meaning the experience and the reflection and all the contrast that comes with it is going to be there for you.

Man. I enjoy writing like this. Son is up early. I don't think he has comprehension problems. He is smarter than most people think. He is interested in roblox and he knows so much about it. He is even making customisations in his game. Other kids can't do that. I am sure that even if his teacher was to start playing roblox, they would not get as far as he did with it.

It is only because the teacher gives confusing instructions with his homework. I think the contrast is there for him. Maybe he needs to get a different teacher? I think this process is for him. But if this shows up in my radar, then I am using this as well. Go for it then.

How to get there? I don't know yet. He will make a decision whether to move school or not. I can get a job. I am applying for one. I would rather work with odesk than to get a regular job. This is who I am. Then get on with it.

I will start applying for low poly work. I need to get my models up and running. Where else to get showcase for my portfolio? I think you already know the answer to that. I am writing.

I will finish them assessments later on. It's the first thing I will do today. We have classes on tuesday. I think that is last and then we don't have class the following week. I may be wrong. The kids have school until thursday. So why is tuesday going to be a no class thing?

I don't know. But it's there. Use it. Should I continue with it? Or do something else? That one lady has stopped coming already. She was the real estate lady. I wonder if it has something to do with her business.

It probably is. That sun is in the way for my son's monitor. He will close it when he needs to. I can do it for him, but he needs to do things for himself. I got upset yessterday. I was in the zone and he kept popping in. wife was there doing nothing and I made a comment that wife can help. She did nothing.

one page again

I am feeling overwhelmed by the things I want to do. I guess it's time for me to start writing about it. I am into 3D modeling. It's interesting, but the amount of stuff that I want to learn overwhelms me. I feel like I am cramming ten years worth of skill and experience into a single day.

This is why I write. It's like getting my legs stretched and the circulation going after a long trip. I get to sort things out better in my head. It kinda puts things out there where I can see them.

So what am I going to do about it? If it feels constricting, I do something else. I can go into photoshop and continue learning that. Or I can pick up something that's easier and play with that as well.

I think the better alternative is to go into photo shop for now. I finish these, then log into my windows machine. I can do the rest of the day with that. I don't think i'd be running today. I have csbm class tonight and i'd be riding my bike to go there. I am going to take the smaller water bottle. That way, I will have less weight on my bag to carry around with me.

Daughter is going out tonight with her friends to see a movie. It's about that age that I started going to greenhills with my cousins and just walk around. We did not have much back then. We went there, walked around, then walked home. Things were much simpler back then. It was good to hang out with them though.

That was a long time ago. Things are much different now in manila. It's like all contast is there. The contrast is much harder. It's more concrete. I think the polarity is much more than what I have now.

Why is that? I don't have the answer to that right now. Back when we lived there, we were coping. I wonder how things are going to be. No need to go to the future. Everything is right here and now. I will do yoga later and tune in with bashar.

I am writing one page for now. I am starting to slip off my writing again. I want to make it easier on myself to get back into writing. One page is long enough, but not too long that I get bored doing it. If I want to extend writing, I just keep going past page one. But if I need to stop, I just go to the end of the pag eand fill it with enough words.