easter sunday raining

No homework this week. We do not have classes on tuesday. Wife took the kids out for a short roadtrip with her friends. I was thinking of going, but I don't think she was keen about that. So I let it go at that. My eldest daughter asked if I was coming. Wife was there, and she 'asked' if I wanted to come with them. My reply? Knowing that we'd both get in a fight during the trip, do you really want me to go? She said no.

and that's why I am home. And it's raining outside. I was planning to go bike to the library. I guess I don't have to go then. I can do yoga later on. After I finish this I do yoga. There's not much bashar out there now.

I just got a call from them. She said it's raining at where they were going so they cancelled that trip. Instead, they'd be going around this city. Still no invites. So I do something else. Like what? I have enough food here. I can make spaghetti later on. It's up to them what they want to do. I am bitter that I wasn't invited. But what can I do.

It must be painful to have bone cancer like that. If it were bone, then that person would be in constant pain. Joy passed away because of bone cancer, I think. Good thing she was alreadi in the US. I wonder what it was like for her. I have her now. Hello joy. How are you? You have expansion now. Or maybe you do something else? But it was fun for you then. It's just the ego that's in the way? Not that it's in the way. It's part of the process.

I will do yoga after I finish these. My typing seems to be off lately. Is it because I am thinking so much of the letters? At least I am months gone from starting with dvorak. I am in high school with this.

And people do not think that institutions are the best way to learn. It's only good to get documented about it but there are other ways of getting that. One is experience. I would rather hire someone who can show me work they've done. Also to consider is how they think. The documentation doesn't mean much to me.

There was discussion about small business last night. There are a number of things that you can do about it. Do I want to upload them to windows—my files? I can do that to the barch machine. What then? I don't know. I am taking a break from learning metasploit. I will go back to that later on. For now, I only do this. I write. I write about my days. I write about how I feel. I tend to hide things that I don't want anymore. If it bothers me, I make references to it.

If it's raining, what good is it to go around? I don't know. Maybe second daughter will ask to be sent home so she can play. I think that is a possibility. And what's next? I can go to where they are going if I chose to. But it's raining right now. And I go micro when I go there. I want to zoom in. they are so zoomed out when they trips like that. The experience is not for me, how they do things. Is hat our car?

It sounded like it. Where's the door thug? I don't think it's them. Otherwise, I would have seen the car come in the driveway. And I am still writing. This is second page. I saw porn. It's fun. It's a release. It points downstream. That's a good business name right there. I will keep that in mind. It is going to be in that dictionary there.

When the time comes, everything is going to slide down easy. For now, this is where I am. Nothing else to do around here. What else? I don't know. It's raining. They are just going to eat and do something else. They might want to come here. They might want to just see movies there. I can bring the laptop over there. Or not.

She can install her games in that pc. I don't know. I am done there. I will do yoga after I finish these. This is the second page. This is the new way of me doing things. Do I want to be a writer? Wanting means I am not. Being is different. Being is unconditional. Wanting has conditions to it. That's not where I want to be.

That's not what I prefer. I choose to be in the light. Also in the dark is being. I am also contrast. It was fun spending time with my son yesterday. He's the youngest. I think that's the last of the unconditional love expressions I am going to get. And I am good with that.

He's a good kid. He is so smart. He is learning all these things about roblox. I don't teach him. I help out when he needs it, but most of the time, I leave him alone and let him follow what interests him. He is smart. I think that's what schools do not see. What they know is what is in their curricullum. Not for me.