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I am more comfortable with cloud trading. In a glance, you can tell how the market is doing. While you can't say short term where it's going, at least I have a better idea, more clues as to how I will trade profitably. And I think I can create a product for this. Target middle-aged adults and I have something going for me.

The benefits i'd sell here is that they can make money with this with just two hours of their time. They have to be watching the market around the time berlin markets open and going into the london open. This way, they will find opportunities to open a position and after the london open, close that position.

This is a bit of a trend following method. You will use trailing stops to make sure that good positions make money and that losers get stopped out at once. I can point them to the mt4 app on anrdoid. This way, they can watch the market on their phone and maybe do trades using that app.

And that's good. What is not good is them overtrading. Maybe there's a way to block them from trading during off hours. It's not a get rich quick thing, but if they know and understand the principles behind it, then they can take it to the bank.

I am thinking whether I should use node + heroku for the website, or go straight blogger. With blogger, there is less of a hassle. What' great with blogger is that if I keep the original generic url, it's more believable than using a custom domain. It's a blog. It is someone's experience. That is more believable and credible than a site that wants to sell them something.

I can pattern that after my poker website. Only with this one, I have less stuff to concern myself with. Let's see how things go then. I am on to this. Jeff treat everyone for dinner last night. It was the anniversary of his arrival in new zealand and we took him into our home. I don't know if I can approach him for help. At least I see that he knows how to look back.

I appreciate that. Wife thought that he was promoted or something. It was good that he spent time with us. Wife is good to them as well. I am a bit aloof with them. It's because sometimes of the choices I make in response to my wife's choices. I can do something about it then as I can see it.

I am going to the library to return my daughter's book. I am also doing the intemittent fast. There was heavy dinner last night. There was a bit of carbs I think but not much. There was that thing where you cook in the middle. I'm not that crazy about it, but that is good for low carb.

There was this college group in the table besides us. I don't think there's much to compare although I saw contrast. We're different from each other but none is better or worse than the other. It is always about the contrast.

Sherlock is a british movie. My kids like these british movies. I wonder how things will be soon. We are going to snow vacation in august. That be good and something to look forward to. For now, only do this. Do I take a break then? That's three days. I don't know. I will take a break on my daughter's birthday. At least this is in momentum already. Do you run software like that? I don't know. I think it is only fancy stuff they do on that tv show.

I like working with programming stuff. I learn a lot. There is also blender. That has been moved into hobby status for now.