one more week

Wife needs a drive-by to bus stop. I have about half an hour to write morning pages. I have time.

I just read a few threads on my subject-small biz stuff on the internet. I think that one on treehouse is a scam and just wants to get attention for his forum looking for membership sales. It was right for others to complain about it. And I found a reason why I don't do warrior forum. It's a community for people selling ebooks to each other. I am not going back there anymore.

It's like those at the top of the totem pole will crit you to hell if you raise that definition that they are all selling to each other.

But the subreddit on copywriting and internet marketing are not that much help. Not really. There's more to it though. And I have a few ebooks to add on my assignment, but do not forget about writing. Even john carlton gets the writer's block that I go through. I am in good company. I am headed in the right direction then.

It's not that he is in the right direction and I am not. It's that my path is different than his, but we are doing the same practice. No need to put myself down. And I resonate my vibration and I get my own reflection. It's the process for me.

How to get from here to there? You don't. You simply become. There is no out there. Everything is here and now. At this moment, either you are or you are not. There is no trying. And my son is getting frustrated with the game he is playing. He wants things to be easy.

Then just be. It's the way to go. This is why minecraft is doing good. You can try that as well. I think I am going there. What else is there for me? I am sticking in with my interests. It's my vibration that needs a look.

What to do now? Enjoy the day. I can go out for a ride. But I don't have books in the library. I can stay at home and do yoga. I am also going to do the laundry. It's going to rain I think. So I am going to put the laundry inside the house.

Raiderz still keeps getting errors. I don't think it's a good idea to keep downloading the same stuff. Do something else instead. But she don't want to try something else. I don't get why that is so.

Try it in a different computer. I can then copy paste the file over and see how things go. But I don't want to go there. Do something else. That house did a garage sale. I think it's more junk than anything.

It's the same with business. You sell junk and people will know that it's junk. What you want is to be associated with the good stuff. You want to start off that way and get to the other side.

How to do that? Be that person. There is no other way. There are. It's this and that. But that one is the shortcut as I learnt it. You can go this or that. Or maybe it's something else.

I don't know what else to do with my daughter's raiderz game. I don't think the people behind it are doing a good job. Or maybe it's such a big community that you get different results.

Maybe it's that then. How to get to the other side? Got my wife to not install skype on the laptop. It's a known security risk.