one page again

I am feeling overwhelmed by the things I want to do. I guess it's time for me to start writing about it. I am into 3D modeling. It's interesting, but the amount of stuff that I want to learn overwhelms me. I feel like I am cramming ten years worth of skill and experience into a single day.

This is why I write. It's like getting my legs stretched and the circulation going after a long trip. I get to sort things out better in my head. It kinda puts things out there where I can see them.

So what am I going to do about it? If it feels constricting, I do something else. I can go into photoshop and continue learning that. Or I can pick up something that's easier and play with that as well.

I think the better alternative is to go into photo shop for now. I finish these, then log into my windows machine. I can do the rest of the day with that. I don't think i'd be running today. I have csbm class tonight and i'd be riding my bike to go there. I am going to take the smaller water bottle. That way, I will have less weight on my bag to carry around with me.

Daughter is going out tonight with her friends to see a movie. It's about that age that I started going to greenhills with my cousins and just walk around. We did not have much back then. We went there, walked around, then walked home. Things were much simpler back then. It was good to hang out with them though.

That was a long time ago. Things are much different now in manila. It's like all contast is there. The contrast is much harder. It's more concrete. I think the polarity is much more than what I have now.

Why is that? I don't have the answer to that right now. Back when we lived there, we were coping. I wonder how things are going to be. No need to go to the future. Everything is right here and now. I will do yoga later and tune in with bashar.

I am writing one page for now. I am starting to slip off my writing again. I want to make it easier on myself to get back into writing. One page is long enough, but not too long that I get bored doing it. If I want to extend writing, I just keep going past page one. But if I need to stop, I just go to the end of the pag eand fill it with enough words.