say something now

I am feeling confused, anxuous. I enjoy programming. I also like to write, do art stuff. Why not do all of them? Not this or that. It's this and that. Why not? I don't have to limit myself to only one. I can do all of them anyway.

Why don't you. Touch base on one each week. Progress one percent each week and you go very far with that. Maybe there is something there that offers something like a swapfile. I can then rewrite something and learn. I think that be possible. Wso is something like that. I can look into that.

See here. That is also one way of seeing things. There's so much I can do I don't want to limit myself. I think an auto pilot business is what I need. How to do that? What are my options? I can get fonts I need off yaourt. This is what I like about arch. Everything is within my fingertips. All I need is google to learn.

And doing it. I think the doing grounds everything into here and now. The kids are still sleeping. They wake up much later on holidays. I wonder what the plan is for today. We can hang out. I think this is what's interesting here. Sometimes I don't want to be creative. It's because you are wanting to please someone. It's like carrying someone else's baggage. Do something else. Python is good to learn as there's a lot in there. Gae uses the old python. That's the drawback there. But there's not a lot of difference really.

Nodejs is good to learn to. The thing is, I am in learn mode. Do I want to go there even. I know all these things. I don't have to keep on learning. Do something. Create something already. I can create web games if I wanted to. I don't have to. Create on demand. The artist doesn't go for that. Maybe that's what's stopping me. That definition that I can do something differently.

Why not go there. Like what? Follow your light. It's there for a reason. This is talking to my higher self. Follow what interests you. Do not look to someone else. That is their light they follow. Do something else without expectation. Do it because it's interesting for you. Do it because it swallows you whole. That is where you want to be.

There is a mosquito here. It's that connection to flow. That is where you want to go. It's beautiful outside. Do I want to ride bike? I can go out later. Wife is home. Do I want to stay at home? I can go out now. I can come back some time after lunch. I can do yoga later on. It's not that I am separating myself. It's because my ligth is different from hers.

She won't even consider riding a bike. It's not fun for her. I don't hold it against her. She holds things from me because I am different. That's reflection and contrast for me. I learn from it. I use the energy. This is how things are for me now. There is so much energy there. The local mind can'tgrasp all of it. Can't make sense out of it. What I know is that I can use the energy and do something with it. I can play with it.

What's the plan today? I am back to copywriting and now I am thinking about creating websites. Maybe this time I can upload things to gae. I can update them regularly. But heroku works. I don't have to force anything there. It costs to run my site from there.

Is there a better way? I will find it soon as I start going that way. I can't see it by reflection. The path opens up when I start moving. Is that third daughter moving? She don't usually get up until later.