second morning pages

Someone sent me an email last night about sme. I don't know where that person got my email. It must be from that subreddit I help moderate. I recently sent for verification on my email. I don't know how that is going to help with bacon bits. It's something that I am working on.

It's a long way to go. But what's different about this is that I know that I need that much points to qualify. And now that's the path iam walking. Is that the right term?

Son asked me to wake him up at six thirty. I did. He's still in bed. He gets up later again at seven. That is the official get up time. I run later today. If the hives are back, then so be it. That was one time it got worse. I think it was two in a row there. That house was something else.

This home is different. Wife wants to go out with her friends. I got an invite, but it's open. I don't want to go. I would rather do something else. She let someone else do the planning. I don't like her style. I don't like their style both. There is a good chance I am not going. That's one day of being with them?

It's not that. I don't approve of it. And really, them be boring. I have other things in my head. I can do that. I can go out and ride my bike going there. That be fun. My kids want to do something else. I am going to walk with my son going to that party. How to do that? I think the other kids might want to stay home.

That's a long walk going there. We are going on bike. That's for sure. I can teach him how to ride at the back. If he wants to. As kids, that was exciting. I wonder if kids today know how to do that.

I was thinking of posting that on facebook. I couldn't find an image for that. I wonder if my son will want to ride that way? I will bring my bike. That makes it easy for me to get back. And if son wants to ride at the back then that be good.

They are growing up fast. Does that mean I am growing old as well. Not really. It's a definition. How to work that? I finished making their lunch for school. Tomorrow is the last day for the term. I too do not have classes next tuesday.

How to go from here? Take it one day ata time. I finished the planning stage. Next module is about business laws and regulations. I don't think there's much to concern myself with. I wonder how the modules would be in that phase.

And then what? When am I writing a book? I can write abook, but only if it is something I am interested in. it's going to flow forth. It's not going to be a bleed session where I force it out of me. It's not there when it'snot there. I don't write. The only times I force myself to write is morning pages. I don't have to force the words out. I just write down whatever comes to mind.

Maybe this is how I should be drawing. I can go there. Where did that pencil go? I liked that pencil. I can get another one in due time. Tell me about that couple? Man. They only talk about themselves. The hubby is knida ok. But he gets into that rut at times. I can get into trouble with this. But this is writing. These things need to come out. It's what's in the flow. And that you gottoa write about.

I can do yoga later in the afternoon. If that trip is going to cut into our grocery costs, then I don't want to go there. I would rather do something else. Like what? I don't know. I am all about scale and leverage. There is none of that in there. I would rather do something eles. Like what?

Explore the city on bike. But these people are too scared to ride a bike. That alone is a year's worth of fun. How to get them there? You don't you only do what's right. I can go attend that group. They have a meeting later? It's get together for coffee.

They also have rides. I don't have night lights so I am going to skip that for now. There are less rides on going winter. I can stick with that. People go there to ride. I can get laid in there if I wanted. Am I still losing weight?

I think so. The belt feels loose again. It's one inch a month. I can finish this by the time I finish that course. It's not much, but the networking is going to be in there. How to make it better? Or maybe I don't have to do anything? I think that's the idea there.

It's not that I am going to make things happen. It's that everything will fall into place that way. And if it don't, then so be it. I don't have to post stuff from the newspaper. Do I want a website?