sunny despite forecast

I was doing some writing yesterday and realised that my fingers are not that dvorak-y. I guess I haven't been writing much. This is evident as well with the number of pics accumulating in my folder.

So I write again. I am upset with wife. She keeps making comments that I respond negatively. I think those comments were not meant to offend. Why did I take offense on them? It's because things are not working out with me. I have this assessment homework that is taking too long. Procrastination is there. But I feel like I don't have to take classes on how to start a business.

I go there for the network and to meet new people. Do I still want to go there, or do something else? It's something to do on a tuesday evening. I have been there for a few weeks now. I can still continue doing that. There has been a lot of mosquitoes lately. I am getting them insect bites on my leg. I think it was this time last year that one got infected.

My son also gets these bites. I don't see much mosquitoes flying around here. It's different. Maybe it's a different insect. I can do yoga. Or I can go out and ride my bike and get that book. It gets old sometimes. Yesterday I was in the house all day. I think I may have to reinstall windows in that laptop. Wife has to give the go signal. I don't want to do things without them asking for it. I know there's something wrong with it. They have to ask me to fix it so they know and admit(?) that it's broken and need my help. Otherwise... there goes my definitions again. Why not just do it because it's what brings you into the light?

It's not. It is something I do not prefer doing right now. I would rather be doing something else. So don't do it. Do something else. And that's where this is going. I do two pages now. Sometimes I get so stuck with the things to do that I forget what is more important. Being in the light is important for me. I think carrying all that baggage is also part of the process. If I am there, then it's contrast. The darkness shows you where the light is. It's not there to hide the light. Only you hide the light.

That is key. That is insight. That is why I write. I don't want to de like this or that. I am already in the moment. It is all about definition. If I am not, then it is not part of my preferences. I think it is the config file. Contrast brings up what is in tat config file. If something is not in alignment. You look into that.

When you want things to be in alignment, you check that config filea nd align everything. After that, the emotions will make things work. Its' that simple. Work meaning the experience and the reflection and all the contrast that comes with it is going to be there for you.

Man. I enjoy writing like this. Son is up early. I don't think he has comprehension problems. He is smarter than most people think. He is interested in roblox and he knows so much about it. He is even making customisations in his game. Other kids can't do that. I am sure that even if his teacher was to start playing roblox, they would not get as far as he did with it.

It is only because the teacher gives confusing instructions with his homework. I think the contrast is there for him. Maybe he needs to get a different teacher? I think this process is for him. But if this shows up in my radar, then I am using this as well. Go for it then.

How to get there? I don't know yet. He will make a decision whether to move school or not. I can get a job. I am applying for one. I would rather work with odesk than to get a regular job. This is who I am. Then get on with it.

I will start applying for low poly work. I need to get my models up and running. Where else to get showcase for my portfolio? I think you already know the answer to that. I am writing.

I will finish them assessments later on. It's the first thing I will do today. We have classes on tuesday. I think that is last and then we don't have class the following week. I may be wrong. The kids have school until thursday. So why is tuesday going to be a no class thing?

I don't know. But it's there. Use it. Should I continue with it? Or do something else? That one lady has stopped coming already. She was the real estate lady. I wonder if it has something to do with her business.

It probably is. That sun is in the way for my son's monitor. He will close it when he needs to. I can do it for him, but he needs to do things for himself. I got upset yessterday. I was in the zone and he kept popping in. wife was there doing nothing and I made a comment that wife can help. She did nothing.