go to riverhead

I am excited to start trading again. New client is opening an account with I think that's a better site to trade bo than most that i've seen so far. I can do that while I trade fx. If it looks possible to hedge my positions there, that tells me that I have something to give me breakevens and over time it all files up as in compound interest.

That will be cool then. You have two accounts open. Why not straddle price on pivot levels? That way, you have unlimited income if it trends one way or the other. If it were binary opitons, sure it looks like a hundred percent, but if you get the homerun trade, it goes on indefinitely until the trend reverses.

I can show that to the client. I can manage his posisitons then that way. Or maybe even start a pamm account somewhere. Which one would that be? I don't know yet. At least this way, we can see how things are going.

How ould you straddle the position? Do that what happened last friday. It is possible to go that way. It can reverse. That's why you need trailing stops.

Is the mptm working for me? I haven't seen it in action just yet. Maybe I can open a demo account and watch that trade in actiion. I am thinking that I could be not doing it right. We shall see. I will go out oand go for a ride today. I hada break yesterday. It is not worth it. I am better off on my diet and going out. It is much bett.r. I come back a hapy person than siting in here responding that I ma not.

That is the proces for me. Do I take a break in my daughter's birthday? I can do that. It's a long way for me. I can go there in a long time, but not now. Do something else instead. I can check out the line ends or new page when I get there. For now, this is a better way for me to see things as I write. I have just expanded it and it don't see that way.

It is not working. There's a bug in there. I think I will just make changes later on. I think this fixes it. The view is bigger but the font remains the same. I don't read this when I write. That's part of the practice. And what do you do? I don't have to explain myself. It's good that I learn something about people, but I don't like it when I get lookoed into. Is this page two? See that page break? That tells me that I am done writing for the day. I am not a copywriter. I think there is potential as a trader. That is where I am. I can trade in that direction. It is better that way for me.

How do I get more out of that? I don't know yet. I am done with marketing for others. I can do better for my own. I can help out pro bono. But that is how far I will go. No need to convince others that my way is best. There are a million different paths. They pick the ones that will work for them. Am I responding based on the outsied. Yes. That I am doing. I see that. I can choose how to respond. I can do that riverhead trail. It's a quiet road. It is hill riding. It's a long way from here and I haven't been there for a long time.

I can do an offline map and ride that way. Wife needs garmin in case I need a ride home. I can set that up. It has ben a long while. I can bring my jacket when I go out for a ride. I used to explore this place a lot. How do I get back there? It is going to be bright and sunny today. I can even do that thing there.

No need for fear. I can take care of my self. And it is a long ride. It will be interesting. Do I need to be listening to something? Inside head. There is always dialogue in there. Do that instead. Where else to go? I don't know. There is also the ride to the city. That is also interesting for me. Where else to go? There is always something new. And what's good is watching people.

I can go to the beach. It's cold this time. Nobody is doing sunbathing. Then I can just watch people get together. That is something that I enjoy doing. I can and will do soemthing else. I might go on tuesday. But it's not a priority anymore. It's not about talking and collaborating. That is what I was after in the first place.

If it is not what I expected then do something else. I don't need a certificate, or permission from someone saying that I can start my own business. I knew this beforehand. And I can find information that I need when the time comes for me to use it. If I don't need it, what's the point of learning it.

This is why I am going. I am opening up a door so I will have more choices. I already have more choices. There is an infinite amount of paths that I can choose. It is never limited.

turbo light morning

Let's write. I got upset with negative comments in social media. I have issues with that contrast. That's why it's there. How do I deal with that? Use it to your advantage. Their methods are primitive. It's not even elegant. You know how to respond to that. It is all about learning. What is next here? I don't know yet. Only be in this moment. There is nothing out there. Everything is here and now.

I don't have to respond to that. I only need be here and now. I got bored yesterday that I did not go out. I will go out today, even if it were just to go to the corner street and back. I don't have to stay in front of the computer. That energy has something missing in it. That's not what I prefer.

I am complete as how I define it. The emotion resonates with that showing me the experience. How to go from here? Wife still has issues. I had sex with her. It's time to move on. At least I am being positive about it. No need to block it out.

I can move forward with this. I saw how I can make things happen. I don't have tot stay anchored to anything. It is all mine. How to get there? Only be in the moment. Respond as that person to everything that happens. No need to invalidate what is. Only see ted efinitions and create alignment. Then that alignmenth is the process for me.

The kids are going to get up early. They are hoping that their mother will get up late and miss church. If it were me, I will use that to my advantage rather than fight it. Fighting it will only give it energy. This evpands everything into that. If you don't want it and fighting it, you only expand on that.

Be something else. Be what you prefer to be. Do not...see how you respond to things when you are not in the light and use that to get you into the light.

I am shifting into pivots exclusively. No more … son is up now. He doesn't want to go to church. Like this is what I have. I see that. It's not what I prefer and I see how I am expanding on this. Only see the contrast anduse that to be in the light. And that is where I am. This is my process.

Choose how you respond. Choose your definitions. That is where the pracitce is. This is where my path lies. No need for external confirmation. That is a delaed thing. It is there but you do not see it if you are always not in the light. Respond as such and everything will be in alignment.

meaning my own

Wife is in worride mode again. This time we had an argument. I think there's something wrong with her mentally. I asked about that incident in rotorua and she said she doesn't remember—or not want to talk about it.

I am still baffeld by that. My daughter did not want to join this activity and she started crying about it. That doesn't happen at all. That she was crying about it in public tells me that it's important for her not to go. But wife insisted and was angry with daughter. I picked my daughter's side, as usual and she was angry about it.

Last night I asked her what was going through her head at that time and she said she “doesn't remember”.

She wants me to stop what I am doing and get a job. That she is having a hard time with the budget. But it's just her going to spend all that money. I have solutions on how to make things work. She don't want to hear about it.

My solution is homeschool the kids. They don't want to go to school anyway. She says that the school system here is very good. That they are going to very good schools. At this time, if you ask them if they want to go through university, the answer is no. they keep saying that they don't want to go to school. If it were up to me, have them home school, then move to a vone where the rent is lower. Also get rid of that car. That's a lot already save up for a year and then we are better off next year. But she don't want that. She wants me to get a job.

But my system works. My life works. She wants me to give it up and do what she's doing. Her system doesn't work and now she wants me to give up mine and start pushing things the way she's doing things. I don't think that's going to happen.

I told her I am open to her ideas but is she open to mine. The last time I tried to inquire about homeschooling and she found out, she did not talk to me for several days. I think I know how this is going to turn out. It's time to go.

That stopped me there. How are things going to turn out?

I don't know. And I don't have to know. All I know is that if I put myself in my light, things are going to work out. Everything will fall into place. Things are in place and worknig very well. Hers doesn't and she can't get it.

I am not going there anymore. Should I be sleeping in the couch from here on? I think so. It'stime for me to be more of who I am. I can go there. I have this choice. I don't have to go with her. Not that I am invalidating hers, it's just that I am choosing my own. This is what I prefer my own.


This is how I vent. I don't know how things are. My synchroniciies are lined up and working well. How is this incident related? Trust that it is and that it is there for a reason. You can't see what' coming up in the next bend, but if you stay in your light, choose to be in the light, then everything will reflect. You will see what's up.

No need to fight things. It is all mine. I go sleep in the couch tonight. It's different now. I think it's time to move out. Where to sleep? In here in this corner. I don't have to go there. It is my choice. This is where I am.

I don't think I want to go there. This is hwere I am. I am open to synchronicity. This is where I choose to be. No need to judge her ways. It's not my way. I don't have to go there.

It's not even my duty to get a job. I am helping out. I get the kids ready for school. I make sure that everything is working perfectly well. I will bring the car over to her later but I don't have to be there with her.

I can get my own food. This is how things are going to be from now on. There is going to be anonymity. I don't even have to go with them to taupo. It's not me. The kids are going to have a grand time. Or maybe go and be with the kids.

They know who's side I am on.

I don't have to make a big deal out of it. I am doing this. This is where I am. I think she is spending and not considering that money is and should can be working for he. She don't see that.

cough term start

I don't have anything to do anyway. I have shifted. Everything else is now contrast to who I am. No need to invalidate. I am not going around in circles. I am spiralling. It doesn't matter if it's a spiral up or down. Everything is a reflection. It can go down as easy as it can go up. The difference is that it is all connected. Down or up is not a diversion, but part of the process.

Wife has cough. Where did we get that? It started when school started. I guess it's like this and get adaptation and then term break. When school starts again, it comes back.

Respond as am. Is that where you want to go? Bitm sounds different, but ram is more a verb telling me what to do. It's direct. I will use that. I can alternate between the two. This week feels different. When I feel overwhelmed, I stop. I go to startup class tomorrow. It feels like I am attending, rather settinp up deck chairs in the titanic.

The lessons feel outmoded as I can find them on the internet. If I wanted to create network, is that where I want to go? Why help others? Are my ideas not good enough? They are. It's just that I support the community because I enjoy learning something new about their experiences.

I went back with vimperator. There was nothing wrong with it. It was https everywhere that was crashing my browser. I don't know which one to replace it. I have noscript and ghotery. They seem enough for now. I don't see the ads and I am alright with it. At least things are working.

I can do something else later on. Today I start trading. Should I hold off until tomorrow? I don't know. It's okay trading with mahi. They are growing. What else can I do here?

Only finish writing. And then I can prepare the kids' lunch. Wife goes to work later. It's monday. I do if this morning. Do I go out for a ride later? The forecast is cloudy in the coming days. I can go out for a ride to library or something.

First there is laundry to do. And I can lift weights in here. And yoga. These two are now priority. Do I want to run? Minimize the run. Maybe do more sprints. How? Cut out a small path. Do one third, like one field, then sprint on width, refresh on length.

Will it be better that way? Do ten sets of that. I think I can manage that. Go faster each time. This way, I can go faster and gain strength. And then on alternate days I can do something else.

I am not doing a marathon anyway. I just want time outside. What else can we do around here? I don't know. I think that is more than enough for now. I can do that and then do something else. There is mongodb to finish. I am into node still. It is interesting. There be others, but for now, this is good enough for me.

I have trading coming up. I wonder if I can get that exness. If not, then so be it. I have this open. How are they not doing any marketing? I don't know. Can I go there myself?

I think trading bitcoins is good. Maybe there is something here I can do. Like what? I don't know yet. It is part of the big picture. That it came up on my radar is something to consider. And where else is this going?

It is not the expectation, but the curiosity. What's next is the question.

light contrast dark

I'm not doing much of anything, so I write. I think I woke up some time before four am. I needed to pee and could not get back to sleep. I got up and do stuff. I can always go back to bed later in the day.

I am here to show my kids that there is another way. They think that you can only get a job to make a living. I am an example that you can start your own business and make a living as well. And the value I contribute is to live as an example. Some will get it, others may not. And it's ok.

My kids then will have a choice. I have a choice. I choose to do it my way. Life is too short. I havve gone through the learning process. I am still there but things are moving forward now. What to do? I don't know. I see where my stops should be. It's the length of the gimmee bar plus one. When signal is given, trade accordingly, trade in that direction. If you get stopped, then you closed a little too late.

This is why I am here. When I am in the light, things happen faster. To get in the light, see the definitions that you have. If you have emotions that are not in alignment, check your definitions. Everything in alignment. And that is what I missed out.

What is the symbol for that? I don't know. I can check that later and see. Right now, I do this. No need for anything else. Everything is here and now. That is my path. How to teach that? You don't. They learn if they see the light. If not, no matter what you do, they will never get it.

And that is what this is about. I was upset with the wife last night. She is limiing herself. I don't have to get her out of it. Like learning, she will get it when she chooses to see it. If not, then there is nothing I can do. She has to make the choice. I will allow her to make her own choice. That is what's different this time. You never cross the same river twice.

And there is a lot for me here. I had carbs last night and it's not worth it. I would rather do something else. It was my choice. No one made me do it. I could have done something else. It's not me. It's like that only because I say so. I can choose otherwise. I am in the light already.

And that is what my days are about. See the alignment. How are things connected? How is this part of the light. And when I get emotions out of sync, I look under the hood. Why did I allow myself to go there? I don't know. Only do this and get to the other side.

Do fun stuff. Running is fun. Listening to all those business stuff can get boring. I have bashar stuff and I listen to them. It's the same thing. That means I have it. That means I am in ailgnment when I choose it. Drop the expectations. It's that which holds you back.

Everything is connected. Expectations puts you in contrast mode. Not that it's bad. Fighting it is no good. You only give it more energy making it harder for you to shift. What to do about it?

That is the better question. Who do you want to be? There is only—everything is here and now. Who are you at this moment? If so, why do you respond otherwise? See that contrast there?

Be and no expectations. If you find expectations, redefine that as contrast and you will find your way and be in the light. Everything has a purpose. And mine? Use it as contrast. Light has contrast in dark. Be in the dark to see the light.

good morning sleepy

If it doesn't rain today, I will ride to takapuna. Wife needs docs dropped off someplace. I might also check in with an investor. This is me in business mode. I am running my trading business. This is what I would rather do. I don't have to deal with customers. I am my own universe.

I don't think anything has to be wrong with it. If that guy on the codebase forum can make good manual trading, then there is something in it for me too. He was a poker player—maybe played card games and is familiar with probability and stats. I think it has something to do with that. It's where I am.

And when can I start this? I don't know. Soon as I get them funds I run with it. The market could be going sideways here. There's a lot of volatility. I am watching cable and ej. Eddie seems too slow and not volatile enough. I would rather trade something else. That's three pairs I am watching.

Son no wake up call until after seven. I have plenty time to write. I have lunch to cool off. There be enough time for that later on. For now, I only write. Enough of that copywriting. There are other things that are more important. And when you get that threshold, you don't need to get clients in there.

I think odesk is good if you live in a third world country. But there are others who make a good living in there. So what to do? If it's not resonating with me, then it's not for me. There be lots of other things to do out there. Do something else.

And the csbm classes are getting boring. I go there for those times to get out and do something else. It's time out time for me. I get to see a different view when I am out there.

Other than that, I can do something else instead. Wife keeps doing her shopping online. That's her thing. It gets her in the zone. No need to correct those things. My youngest daughter is now a lady. I am getting old.

And what's next for me? There is only here and now. No need to live in the past or future. Everything is here and now. What channel do I want to be on. I can only write. I can go out and do something. That's different. I can text investor. What is that sound?

It's like a boom. If it rains, then I stay home and do yoga. I can also do yoga later in the afternoon. Tomorrow we grocery. Wife goes to work this weekend. And then what else is tehre?

Only do this. That grace thing can be annoying. What's her story? I don't know. Maybe it's one person who wants to connnect. Why not bring them here instead? It's time for me to get out. Time out time. I will go then.

It's all connected. I can do somethnig else when I am tehre. The seat is not aligned. Everything should be aligned? no. only that I put myself in the light, even when it doesn't seem like so.

What else to do? Nothing now. I will finish these then post to blog. No need to explain things. If it rains then do something else. I need to put water bottle in freezer. That way, I have cold water when I get there.

It's not that I need it. It happens by synchronicity. If not, then it's not the right timing. There's a lot. Seems like things are disappearing. Why is that? There is somethnig even when it's not.