cough term start

I don't have anything to do anyway. I have shifted. Everything else is now contrast to who I am. No need to invalidate. I am not going around in circles. I am spiralling. It doesn't matter if it's a spiral up or down. Everything is a reflection. It can go down as easy as it can go up. The difference is that it is all connected. Down or up is not a diversion, but part of the process.

Wife has cough. Where did we get that? It started when school started. I guess it's like this and get adaptation and then term break. When school starts again, it comes back.

Respond as am. Is that where you want to go? Bitm sounds different, but ram is more a verb telling me what to do. It's direct. I will use that. I can alternate between the two. This week feels different. When I feel overwhelmed, I stop. I go to startup class tomorrow. It feels like I am attending, rather settinp up deck chairs in the titanic.

The lessons feel outmoded as I can find them on the internet. If I wanted to create network, is that where I want to go? Why help others? Are my ideas not good enough? They are. It's just that I support the community because I enjoy learning something new about their experiences.

I went back with vimperator. There was nothing wrong with it. It was https everywhere that was crashing my browser. I don't know which one to replace it. I have noscript and ghotery. They seem enough for now. I don't see the ads and I am alright with it. At least things are working.

I can do something else later on. Today I start trading. Should I hold off until tomorrow? I don't know. It's okay trading with mahi. They are growing. What else can I do here?

Only finish writing. And then I can prepare the kids' lunch. Wife goes to work later. It's monday. I do if this morning. Do I go out for a ride later? The forecast is cloudy in the coming days. I can go out for a ride to library or something.

First there is laundry to do. And I can lift weights in here. And yoga. These two are now priority. Do I want to run? Minimize the run. Maybe do more sprints. How? Cut out a small path. Do one third, like one field, then sprint on width, refresh on length.

Will it be better that way? Do ten sets of that. I think I can manage that. Go faster each time. This way, I can go faster and gain strength. And then on alternate days I can do something else.

I am not doing a marathon anyway. I just want time outside. What else can we do around here? I don't know. I think that is more than enough for now. I can do that and then do something else. There is mongodb to finish. I am into node still. It is interesting. There be others, but for now, this is good enough for me.

I have trading coming up. I wonder if I can get that exness. If not, then so be it. I have this open. How are they not doing any marketing? I don't know. Can I go there myself?

I think trading bitcoins is good. Maybe there is something here I can do. Like what? I don't know yet. It is part of the big picture. That it came up on my radar is something to consider. And where else is this going?

It is not the expectation, but the curiosity. What's next is the question.