go to riverhead

I am excited to start trading again. New client is opening an account with I think that's a better site to trade bo than most that i've seen so far. I can do that while I trade fx. If it looks possible to hedge my positions there, that tells me that I have something to give me breakevens and over time it all files up as in compound interest.

That will be cool then. You have two accounts open. Why not straddle price on pivot levels? That way, you have unlimited income if it trends one way or the other. If it were binary opitons, sure it looks like a hundred percent, but if you get the homerun trade, it goes on indefinitely until the trend reverses.

I can show that to the client. I can manage his posisitons then that way. Or maybe even start a pamm account somewhere. Which one would that be? I don't know yet. At least this way, we can see how things are going.

How ould you straddle the position? Do that what happened last friday. It is possible to go that way. It can reverse. That's why you need trailing stops.

Is the mptm working for me? I haven't seen it in action just yet. Maybe I can open a demo account and watch that trade in actiion. I am thinking that I could be not doing it right. We shall see. I will go out oand go for a ride today. I hada break yesterday. It is not worth it. I am better off on my diet and going out. It is much bett.r. I come back a hapy person than siting in here responding that I ma not.

That is the proces for me. Do I take a break in my daughter's birthday? I can do that. It's a long way for me. I can go there in a long time, but not now. Do something else instead. I can check out the line ends or new page when I get there. For now, this is a better way for me to see things as I write. I have just expanded it and it don't see that way.

It is not working. There's a bug in there. I think I will just make changes later on. I think this fixes it. The view is bigger but the font remains the same. I don't read this when I write. That's part of the practice. And what do you do? I don't have to explain myself. It's good that I learn something about people, but I don't like it when I get lookoed into. Is this page two? See that page break? That tells me that I am done writing for the day. I am not a copywriter. I think there is potential as a trader. That is where I am. I can trade in that direction. It is better that way for me.

How do I get more out of that? I don't know yet. I am done with marketing for others. I can do better for my own. I can help out pro bono. But that is how far I will go. No need to convince others that my way is best. There are a million different paths. They pick the ones that will work for them. Am I responding based on the outsied. Yes. That I am doing. I see that. I can choose how to respond. I can do that riverhead trail. It's a quiet road. It is hill riding. It's a long way from here and I haven't been there for a long time.

I can do an offline map and ride that way. Wife needs garmin in case I need a ride home. I can set that up. It has ben a long while. I can bring my jacket when I go out for a ride. I used to explore this place a lot. How do I get back there? It is going to be bright and sunny today. I can even do that thing there.

No need for fear. I can take care of my self. And it is a long ride. It will be interesting. Do I need to be listening to something? Inside head. There is always dialogue in there. Do that instead. Where else to go? I don't know. There is also the ride to the city. That is also interesting for me. Where else to go? There is always something new. And what's good is watching people.

I can go to the beach. It's cold this time. Nobody is doing sunbathing. Then I can just watch people get together. That is something that I enjoy doing. I can and will do soemthing else. I might go on tuesday. But it's not a priority anymore. It's not about talking and collaborating. That is what I was after in the first place.

If it is not what I expected then do something else. I don't need a certificate, or permission from someone saying that I can start my own business. I knew this beforehand. And I can find information that I need when the time comes for me to use it. If I don't need it, what's the point of learning it.

This is why I am going. I am opening up a door so I will have more choices. I already have more choices. There is an infinite amount of paths that I can choose. It is never limited.