good morning sleepy

If it doesn't rain today, I will ride to takapuna. Wife needs docs dropped off someplace. I might also check in with an investor. This is me in business mode. I am running my trading business. This is what I would rather do. I don't have to deal with customers. I am my own universe.

I don't think anything has to be wrong with it. If that guy on the codebase forum can make good manual trading, then there is something in it for me too. He was a poker player—maybe played card games and is familiar with probability and stats. I think it has something to do with that. It's where I am.

And when can I start this? I don't know. Soon as I get them funds I run with it. The market could be going sideways here. There's a lot of volatility. I am watching cable and ej. Eddie seems too slow and not volatile enough. I would rather trade something else. That's three pairs I am watching.

Son no wake up call until after seven. I have plenty time to write. I have lunch to cool off. There be enough time for that later on. For now, I only write. Enough of that copywriting. There are other things that are more important. And when you get that threshold, you don't need to get clients in there.

I think odesk is good if you live in a third world country. But there are others who make a good living in there. So what to do? If it's not resonating with me, then it's not for me. There be lots of other things to do out there. Do something else.

And the csbm classes are getting boring. I go there for those times to get out and do something else. It's time out time for me. I get to see a different view when I am out there.

Other than that, I can do something else instead. Wife keeps doing her shopping online. That's her thing. It gets her in the zone. No need to correct those things. My youngest daughter is now a lady. I am getting old.

And what's next for me? There is only here and now. No need to live in the past or future. Everything is here and now. What channel do I want to be on. I can only write. I can go out and do something. That's different. I can text investor. What is that sound?

It's like a boom. If it rains, then I stay home and do yoga. I can also do yoga later in the afternoon. Tomorrow we grocery. Wife goes to work this weekend. And then what else is tehre?

Only do this. That grace thing can be annoying. What's her story? I don't know. Maybe it's one person who wants to connnect. Why not bring them here instead? It's time for me to get out. Time out time. I will go then.

It's all connected. I can do somethnig else when I am tehre. The seat is not aligned. Everything should be aligned? no. only that I put myself in the light, even when it doesn't seem like so.

What else to do? Nothing now. I will finish these then post to blog. No need to explain things. If it rains then do something else. I need to put water bottle in freezer. That way, I have cold water when I get there.

It's not that I need it. It happens by synchronicity. If not, then it's not the right timing. There's a lot. Seems like things are disappearing. Why is that? There is somethnig even when it's not.