light contrast dark

I'm not doing much of anything, so I write. I think I woke up some time before four am. I needed to pee and could not get back to sleep. I got up and do stuff. I can always go back to bed later in the day.

I am here to show my kids that there is another way. They think that you can only get a job to make a living. I am an example that you can start your own business and make a living as well. And the value I contribute is to live as an example. Some will get it, others may not. And it's ok.

My kids then will have a choice. I have a choice. I choose to do it my way. Life is too short. I havve gone through the learning process. I am still there but things are moving forward now. What to do? I don't know. I see where my stops should be. It's the length of the gimmee bar plus one. When signal is given, trade accordingly, trade in that direction. If you get stopped, then you closed a little too late.

This is why I am here. When I am in the light, things happen faster. To get in the light, see the definitions that you have. If you have emotions that are not in alignment, check your definitions. Everything in alignment. And that is what I missed out.

What is the symbol for that? I don't know. I can check that later and see. Right now, I do this. No need for anything else. Everything is here and now. That is my path. How to teach that? You don't. They learn if they see the light. If not, no matter what you do, they will never get it.

And that is what this is about. I was upset with the wife last night. She is limiing herself. I don't have to get her out of it. Like learning, she will get it when she chooses to see it. If not, then there is nothing I can do. She has to make the choice. I will allow her to make her own choice. That is what's different this time. You never cross the same river twice.

And there is a lot for me here. I had carbs last night and it's not worth it. I would rather do something else. It was my choice. No one made me do it. I could have done something else. It's not me. It's like that only because I say so. I can choose otherwise. I am in the light already.

And that is what my days are about. See the alignment. How are things connected? How is this part of the light. And when I get emotions out of sync, I look under the hood. Why did I allow myself to go there? I don't know. Only do this and get to the other side.

Do fun stuff. Running is fun. Listening to all those business stuff can get boring. I have bashar stuff and I listen to them. It's the same thing. That means I have it. That means I am in ailgnment when I choose it. Drop the expectations. It's that which holds you back.

Everything is connected. Expectations puts you in contrast mode. Not that it's bad. Fighting it is no good. You only give it more energy making it harder for you to shift. What to do about it?

That is the better question. Who do you want to be? There is only—everything is here and now. Who are you at this moment? If so, why do you respond otherwise? See that contrast there?

Be and no expectations. If you find expectations, redefine that as contrast and you will find your way and be in the light. Everything has a purpose. And mine? Use it as contrast. Light has contrast in dark. Be in the dark to see the light.