turbo light morning

Let's write. I got upset with negative comments in social media. I have issues with that contrast. That's why it's there. How do I deal with that? Use it to your advantage. Their methods are primitive. It's not even elegant. You know how to respond to that. It is all about learning. What is next here? I don't know yet. Only be in this moment. There is nothing out there. Everything is here and now.

I don't have to respond to that. I only need be here and now. I got bored yesterday that I did not go out. I will go out today, even if it were just to go to the corner street and back. I don't have to stay in front of the computer. That energy has something missing in it. That's not what I prefer.

I am complete as how I define it. The emotion resonates with that showing me the experience. How to go from here? Wife still has issues. I had sex with her. It's time to move on. At least I am being positive about it. No need to block it out.

I can move forward with this. I saw how I can make things happen. I don't have tot stay anchored to anything. It is all mine. How to get there? Only be in the moment. Respond as that person to everything that happens. No need to invalidate what is. Only see ted efinitions and create alignment. Then that alignmenth is the process for me.

The kids are going to get up early. They are hoping that their mother will get up late and miss church. If it were me, I will use that to my advantage rather than fight it. Fighting it will only give it energy. This evpands everything into that. If you don't want it and fighting it, you only expand on that.

Be something else. Be what you prefer to be. Do not...see how you respond to things when you are not in the light and use that to get you into the light.

I am shifting into pivots exclusively. No more … son is up now. He doesn't want to go to church. Like this is what I have. I see that. It's not what I prefer and I see how I am expanding on this. Only see the contrast anduse that to be in the light. And that is where I am. This is my process.

Choose how you respond. Choose your definitions. That is where the pracitce is. This is where my path lies. No need for external confirmation. That is a delaed thing. It is there but you do not see it if you are always not in the light. Respond as such and everything will be in alignment.