out to run

I am sleepy. I wonder if kate is ever going to go online. Six more minutes and I am gone from here. Am I coming on too strong? I hope not. I am just so eager to help out. I am excited about trading as a business that I am having a grand time connecting with people with the same interests.

I got a homerun trade from last night. It made five percent return. I think this has better potential than the last one I was using. The difference is that I get to trade far less than I used to. This is why I am looking at other charts so I can diversify and keep myself busy. I am sleepy. I remember that jollibee in roosevelt. It's a fun place. The kids loved going there. It's close and we go there to have a quick meal.

I don't think she is coming online. I can go out now and do my run. I can do something else for later on. She is going to email me if she wanted to go online. She's this old lady, about fifty or so and attends the trader meetups with her husband. She remids me of this lady I used to see on youtube. I wonder if that be her? I can look it up.

no. it's not her. There was a channel with that name, but it's a beauty channel run by preteens. That's amazing that just about anyone can start their own chanel on youtube. My son goes on youtueb regularly. He goes there to search for solutions on his games programming. I was able to help him out this morning. He was confused about file management. He was installing a mod for minecraft and couldn't understand the instructions.

If these instructions were clear enough, I bet he would have done it hmielf, like he always had. I can go out and run immediately after I finish these. I can do yoga later on. It's not going to rain. I can do shorts and just this jumper.

Kids have nice jumper. How much longer? I don't know. Is there a trade for me here? I don't think so. Do something else. I am happy that things worked out wel yesterday. A lot of learning there, and alignment. I did not know how that meeting with simon is going to benefit me. I just kept it open. Before midnight, I got my answer.

I picked up a few insights on trading. I applied it. They were answers to the questions that I had in the head. I got the answer in a few sentences that he let out. I picked up on it and that was the answer.

internet down late

I wonder why it wasn't announced on the meetup group page that there was a meeting tonight? Maybe they were busy and did not have time to post it? But if you were leadership, people look up to you. At least if simon is there, I can learn from the guy. Maybe two others will be there. That couple who trades fxcm might be there. They seem pretty interested in trading.

Listening to deadmau5 as I write. I like this music. Son is up. I think the internet is slow now. It's like this until tomorrow. I have a few videos they can watch tonight. Why is sound like that? It's scapy. I think the vlc doesn't want it that loud. I can make it louder in my system volume setup.

But I don't want it that loud. I can post this later. We used up ten gigs yesterday. That's a record. It wasn't like that before. Is it because of the roku or my son watching all these videos on the internet? Maybe. If I can check traffic then I can sort that out. But I am not in that reality. I don't have to participate in the negative. I can choose how I think. I can choose how I define things. Then I respond to that emotionally. It's that which makes it real. It's the secret recipe.

That's two songs forward already. I remember I have a number of songs on that. Better to move it forward. I think there are new stuff. What to do today? I can go out and ride my bike. There's that meetup tonight. Wife said she'll drive me over. I meet her at the bus stop and we go from there.

Why not invite her over. That way, she won't go here and there. Make dinner for the kids so they do not have to concern themselves with that. I can do that. What dinner do they want? Noodles is the easy way out. Then I am going to have to tell wife about the situation.

She is going to know eventually. Why not make it tonight. I don't know how things will work out from here. I think the subreddit is going to get big. I will get clarity on that. It's that clarity that makes it happen. It's not complete. You need to add the secret ingredient.

Things seem t oline up from there. If it's not going to happen that way. This kid whines a lot. It's because I do not like his whining that is making it stay. Change the channel and you get a different tv show. It's that simple. Do I want to listen to this? I don't know. This is part of his creative thing. Do something else. If it doesn't line up for you then it's not yor you. Do something else.

I am writing. Can I post this? I don't know. If things are so slow then I don't have to. I still have good connection. I can work with that. I can write the rest of the day. I don't have to. Is it raining? It looks like it.

I may have to drive kids to school and leave earlier. I will do so soon after I finish these. It's not raining that hard but if there's a light shower I will... forgot what I was going to write. Just continue writing. Whatever comes to mind. Writing is an end to itself. You don't have to be a successful writer to be a writer. I think that is something I reacted to in reddit. But I did not expand on that. I knew inside. No need to teach others about it. They get it when they get it.

What else is there? I don't know. Not knowing is good. Take it from there. What else do you not know? I have a number of things to go through on my list. The ones that get ticked off are the ones in alignment. If it's not interesting this time then I don't do it. I guess the kids are going to have their party time tonight. I am going to bring the laptop with me.

No internet for tonight? I think so. It's only one day. Tomorrow, everything is back to normal. Do something else. Use this as an opportunity to see the light. The light is always there. You always have a choice.

It's good that pad is pleased with his trading. It's money well spent for him then. Am I a good example for the guy? I think so. I will email him the ea's but I still have to teach him how to do that. There's a better way to do things. I can't just send him everything.

It's that having to teach him something that gets me. I don't teach. I only share what I know. And what I know is relevant and in context. It's based on my experience. What's going to happen tonight? Wife has her own world. Do I want to listen to this music?

I can turn it off if I wanted to. I need to check the weather and see if I need to drive kids to school. We need to leave early. And what else is there. Done.

moving on now

I just spent the whole morning on okcupid.

Is that good or bad? Now I write about it. I think it's nothing, neither good or bad. It's just me looking to connect to people. If something comes out of it, again, it is going to be neither good or bad. It is something that is part of the big picture.

Things are different now. I realized the other night when I overheard my wife that I have been carrying her baggage all along. She has all these fears in her and projects them into experience. Then she complains about them, and I choose to take them seriously.

I see what I have been holding all this time. It is time to choose. Be happy and let go, or not be in the light. Choosing to not be in the light and knowing so is also in the light. In the end, it doesn't really matter which one you choose. All is one. Everything is one.

So I go to okcupid once a day. It is now part of my process? I think so. I am listening to soundclodu. Sometimes they have something good. Other times there is nothing there for me.

Daughter was asking me about muscles that gets stretched when you do a certain pose. She is into fitness. She is pretty. I see her smile and it makes me feel good. That's how beautiful she is. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. I learned how to see this.

I am not a preacher. I just note what I experience. People choose to read about other people's experience than to hear from a guru or preacher, worse from teachers. You really can't teach anything to anyone anyway. I learned that and that's my definition now.

Kids taught me that. I think our marriage has come to an end. There's no need to prolong the agony. Unless you want it to be a part of your process, prolonging the agony. Maybe there is something to gain there. But would it not be better to be in the light instead? By that I mean go after something that you like. If you don't like it, don't do it. Everything expands from that decision. Experience you have from that decision.

That is what I have seen. This is what I gainedrom the experience. And now I know. I et go. No need to hang on to it. There is here. I know I am supported. No need to refute that. I can't explain that to her. She has to come to the light to be able to see. If not, she will never get what I mean.

What about the kids?

I can spend time with them still. They will understand. This is common now. They know the benefits. I can't bring them with me to the new partner. That means I will need to move in my own home. How to get that? Follow the light. Be in the light. That will expand and be part of my experience. Everything is connected.

What about alimony? I do that after we get the divorce. For now, it is time to part ways. She is not happy with me. She is not happy with herself. I wonder how she got there? I don't know. Maybe in those times, she made a pact with her god. That if she got through that phase, she will commit to loyalty. Then I am no longer part of that equation. She doesn't see her power in that process. She puts it out of herself.

There is nothing out there. And now it is no longer mine. Time for me to move on. This is the decision that I have, choose. I don't have to force this on anyone. I show. Do not listen to what they say, look at what they do.

Is there a better way to say that? I think there are ways to the other side. Is this what I want to listen to? I think so. I can check out the electronica later. And then check something else. I think pandora is good in that you can shuffle them.

I can go there now. But this serves me now. So I listen nto it. I can find something else here. This is open source. This is part of my definition. Do I have to learn mono? I can go there. It is not the end product. It is the big picture that you gain after you go thorough that process. I am stuffed. I had carbs today. It is time to move on.

Marriage is like that. Carbs no longer work for me. I like keto better and it works for me. It is time to move on. After having carbs, it felt good for a while, but then you spend more hours on detox and downward spirals. I think I can go from here.

Do I have to notify her? Next time we have a spat I can tell her. Where do I go?

three word title

I am feeling frustrated this morning. Son woke up and I feel resentful that I have to do things for him. I love this kid, it's just that I feel like I am not who I want to be. I am not blaming him. It's just this deefinition that I have that I am not. I see that. I have a choice on how to think. I choose differently. I respond differently and by choice. I choose not to respond to what is on the outside. This is the choice. I choose to respond as I am now. There is only here and now. That is the response I am.

And it's a monday. I like mondays. I look forward to it. I get back to trading on mondays. This time, I am going to be careful. I can go out and run this morning. Nothing to do here anyway. I can do yoga latter this afretnoon.

I think i'd like that. I can run seven rounds of my usual. There is no hurry. I don't, rather choose not to trade on mondays. Although this is good for trading a range bound market. Is there news coming out? Three for the yen. I can watch that and trade accordingly.

Also, there is the need to go switch brokers because of the pamm accounts. Also wanting to test out ecn and stp brokers. That is the next step for me. It's not here yet. That is expectation then. No need for me to go there. I stay in the light here and now. I respond as such.

I don't have to figure out how to get there. I only do this and get in the light. If I move there, so be it. If I don't move there, then so be it. I have an application sent. I get a response later today or sometime tomorrow.

I think it's good that I start going there. I will have to make changes there. No need to pay the commission but if it leads to better trading, then so be it. It's not the spread. It's how you close your trades.

How to do that? Be in the light. Respond as that person is. How to do that? Only be that way. Bring it here and now. There is only here and now. The definitions in your head and your emotional response is what makes it real. It is how you get to experience things. You see that? See it and process it all .bring it here and now. This is the process that I am in.

surprisingly, we had great sex yesterday morning. There was a lot of empathy there. How did I get there? I felt it. I don't know. What I remember is getting this thought to send that energy as I hugged her. She felt it. She said it felt good. That is something new to my arsenal.

Last night we just went to sleep. I was tired. I wanted to sleep. She had to finish something and I couldn't go to sleep until she was in bed as well. That be nice. What to do now?

Finish these. Third daughter is not going to school today. Forecast is rains. What to do now? We shall see. Only do this. No class tomorrow. I have forex meeting on wednesday. I am meeting with other traders here in auckland. It's good that we have such networks. This is how things are. It's great.

I think it would be great if my bros can be here too. With their family. So be it then. Things happen if they happen. If not, then it is there for a reason. I don't have to go that way. What is next? Only be in the light. Sometimes I have to be careful with the words I say. But that is only there. No need to fight it.

Did she respond to that? I don't know. I think I messed up there. Do I have to apologize for that. I know I messed up. It is up to her to process that. She takes things personally. I guess that's what the response is there.

And it's awkward having someone else in the house. But that's the reality there. So be it. If it's there, then it is there for a reason. Why won't they go there then? I don't know. It's not home. It's not who they want.

If I were in manila, this is what i'd do. But this is not good trading as the internet is too slow. I think this is where I need to be then. So be it. A lot of things are happening right there. Only get to the other side. Do I have to finish that book? There are still things to do. Be in the light.

It's like there are a lot of fillers in that book. Where do they get these ideas? I don't know. It's about writing. You show up and punch the keys. You write down whatever comes to mind. I will edit later. The mind knows that. There is the writing and then there is the editing later on. You can't do both, otherwise quality goes down.

cold morning write

I thik I have agood setup now. Euraud swings high and low. But it doesn't really matter as it's only one to one payout. In spot trading, I get better ratios than that. Then I am going to compare my results with that.

How many minutes should my holding period be? Four hours? That seems logical. That's about the same holding period I have for spot. If I am comparing apples to oranges, then I can do it that way. Do I even have to start a journal on ff?

If I wanted to get more traffic to my site, then yes. What good is it to do that? Get more sales is what I am after? Not really. It's having something to do. And I have homework to do. I get to that soon as I finish these. I am not running today. Schedule is yoga at home. Tomorrow, I ride to takapuna for the wife thing.

It's something I do there, maybe I get something out of it. Maybe not. But I get to ride my bike outside and that is always good. I had a chat yesterday with a fellow start up guy. He was into 'franchising', bit it think it is network marketing that's rebranded. It's too cheap to be there. I think he is on to something there. I don't know.

But things are different these days. Network marketing scams are not going to go far and wide. I think I am ahead of the curve. Do I want to listen to seth godin? What if I don't do the assessments. I just go and finish the class. If I get something then good. But this is a challenge there. But I am not interested in that anymore. I am more after the trade.

And I can ease off if I trade off pivots. That way, I don't have to watch the market. I think that be good. Go there and see what happens. Now I have skype running on my pc as well. That is choices are choices. No need to edit these. I am writing no edit. But that is not allowing. Let it go when you are made aware of it.

I have resistance, that is why it is there. This is easier than I thought. I only do that once a day. And this is aso how I trade. So trade accordingly. Start off easy and grow things from there. So be it then.

And will the payout be the same? I don't know. I think I can cancel sooner than expected, then I can also extend that through if I had to. The thing is, the payout might get affected if I close too soon. I will find out then.

This is page two. It is getting cold. They say that it is not going to be as cold this time. Global warming. And there was a joke about that as well. Why did euraud go swing so much yesterday? I don't know. These things happen. Should I even be trading this? Yesterday's price action is pretty solid. I can make something out of this. You want price making a decision each time they touch those levels. That tells me that they work.

You don't want price to hover around those levels. That is going to cause you pain. Is there news coming out today? Probably so. Do I want to trade binaries for my own account? Maybe. We shall see. If I can double that account sooner than this spot trading, then I will go there. But statistically, I will get better return ratios with spot trading. In the long run, this spot trading seems better.

Only one way to find out then. And I am going to blog about it. It is about the experience. It is not about the ideas. Anyone can have ideas. People want to know how things tuned out for you. And they won't go through all that blog. They want the short cut. And that's what you are going to sell here.

And I see that people want shortcuts. If I went back in time and this was available, I wil lgo with this one. Will I teach anyone else? I can teach this to my brother. The question is, can he learn how to trade this?

I think he has had training background. Will jojo learn this? I think so. It is easy. If he wanted something to do, then he is going to learn it. How to get more accounts to trade withthis one? I don't know yet. I think there is something to this. Do you want to do bitcoins with this?

It is not mature enough at this time. But I see the point. We will do that and see what happens. The spread don't matter. What is important to me is the swing. You want to go there. I want to go there. And what else? It is getting cold. The kids are up except one. I think she is awake. She just keeps to herself and listens to the raido,

I am done.