cold morning write

I thik I have agood setup now. Euraud swings high and low. But it doesn't really matter as it's only one to one payout. In spot trading, I get better ratios than that. Then I am going to compare my results with that.

How many minutes should my holding period be? Four hours? That seems logical. That's about the same holding period I have for spot. If I am comparing apples to oranges, then I can do it that way. Do I even have to start a journal on ff?

If I wanted to get more traffic to my site, then yes. What good is it to do that? Get more sales is what I am after? Not really. It's having something to do. And I have homework to do. I get to that soon as I finish these. I am not running today. Schedule is yoga at home. Tomorrow, I ride to takapuna for the wife thing.

It's something I do there, maybe I get something out of it. Maybe not. But I get to ride my bike outside and that is always good. I had a chat yesterday with a fellow start up guy. He was into 'franchising', bit it think it is network marketing that's rebranded. It's too cheap to be there. I think he is on to something there. I don't know.

But things are different these days. Network marketing scams are not going to go far and wide. I think I am ahead of the curve. Do I want to listen to seth godin? What if I don't do the assessments. I just go and finish the class. If I get something then good. But this is a challenge there. But I am not interested in that anymore. I am more after the trade.

And I can ease off if I trade off pivots. That way, I don't have to watch the market. I think that be good. Go there and see what happens. Now I have skype running on my pc as well. That is choices are choices. No need to edit these. I am writing no edit. But that is not allowing. Let it go when you are made aware of it.

I have resistance, that is why it is there. This is easier than I thought. I only do that once a day. And this is aso how I trade. So trade accordingly. Start off easy and grow things from there. So be it then.

And will the payout be the same? I don't know. I think I can cancel sooner than expected, then I can also extend that through if I had to. The thing is, the payout might get affected if I close too soon. I will find out then.

This is page two. It is getting cold. They say that it is not going to be as cold this time. Global warming. And there was a joke about that as well. Why did euraud go swing so much yesterday? I don't know. These things happen. Should I even be trading this? Yesterday's price action is pretty solid. I can make something out of this. You want price making a decision each time they touch those levels. That tells me that they work.

You don't want price to hover around those levels. That is going to cause you pain. Is there news coming out today? Probably so. Do I want to trade binaries for my own account? Maybe. We shall see. If I can double that account sooner than this spot trading, then I will go there. But statistically, I will get better return ratios with spot trading. In the long run, this spot trading seems better.

Only one way to find out then. And I am going to blog about it. It is about the experience. It is not about the ideas. Anyone can have ideas. People want to know how things tuned out for you. And they won't go through all that blog. They want the short cut. And that's what you are going to sell here.

And I see that people want shortcuts. If I went back in time and this was available, I wil lgo with this one. Will I teach anyone else? I can teach this to my brother. The question is, can he learn how to trade this?

I think he has had training background. Will jojo learn this? I think so. It is easy. If he wanted something to do, then he is going to learn it. How to get more accounts to trade withthis one? I don't know yet. I think there is something to this. Do you want to do bitcoins with this?

It is not mature enough at this time. But I see the point. We will do that and see what happens. The spread don't matter. What is important to me is the swing. You want to go there. I want to go there. And what else? It is getting cold. The kids are up except one. I think she is awake. She just keeps to herself and listens to the raido,

I am done.