internet down late

I wonder why it wasn't announced on the meetup group page that there was a meeting tonight? Maybe they were busy and did not have time to post it? But if you were leadership, people look up to you. At least if simon is there, I can learn from the guy. Maybe two others will be there. That couple who trades fxcm might be there. They seem pretty interested in trading.

Listening to deadmau5 as I write. I like this music. Son is up. I think the internet is slow now. It's like this until tomorrow. I have a few videos they can watch tonight. Why is sound like that? It's scapy. I think the vlc doesn't want it that loud. I can make it louder in my system volume setup.

But I don't want it that loud. I can post this later. We used up ten gigs yesterday. That's a record. It wasn't like that before. Is it because of the roku or my son watching all these videos on the internet? Maybe. If I can check traffic then I can sort that out. But I am not in that reality. I don't have to participate in the negative. I can choose how I think. I can choose how I define things. Then I respond to that emotionally. It's that which makes it real. It's the secret recipe.

That's two songs forward already. I remember I have a number of songs on that. Better to move it forward. I think there are new stuff. What to do today? I can go out and ride my bike. There's that meetup tonight. Wife said she'll drive me over. I meet her at the bus stop and we go from there.

Why not invite her over. That way, she won't go here and there. Make dinner for the kids so they do not have to concern themselves with that. I can do that. What dinner do they want? Noodles is the easy way out. Then I am going to have to tell wife about the situation.

She is going to know eventually. Why not make it tonight. I don't know how things will work out from here. I think the subreddit is going to get big. I will get clarity on that. It's that clarity that makes it happen. It's not complete. You need to add the secret ingredient.

Things seem t oline up from there. If it's not going to happen that way. This kid whines a lot. It's because I do not like his whining that is making it stay. Change the channel and you get a different tv show. It's that simple. Do I want to listen to this? I don't know. This is part of his creative thing. Do something else. If it doesn't line up for you then it's not yor you. Do something else.

I am writing. Can I post this? I don't know. If things are so slow then I don't have to. I still have good connection. I can work with that. I can write the rest of the day. I don't have to. Is it raining? It looks like it.

I may have to drive kids to school and leave earlier. I will do so soon after I finish these. It's not raining that hard but if there's a light shower I will... forgot what I was going to write. Just continue writing. Whatever comes to mind. Writing is an end to itself. You don't have to be a successful writer to be a writer. I think that is something I reacted to in reddit. But I did not expand on that. I knew inside. No need to teach others about it. They get it when they get it.

What else is there? I don't know. Not knowing is good. Take it from there. What else do you not know? I have a number of things to go through on my list. The ones that get ticked off are the ones in alignment. If it's not interesting this time then I don't do it. I guess the kids are going to have their party time tonight. I am going to bring the laptop with me.

No internet for tonight? I think so. It's only one day. Tomorrow, everything is back to normal. Do something else. Use this as an opportunity to see the light. The light is always there. You always have a choice.

It's good that pad is pleased with his trading. It's money well spent for him then. Am I a good example for the guy? I think so. I will email him the ea's but I still have to teach him how to do that. There's a better way to do things. I can't just send him everything.

It's that having to teach him something that gets me. I don't teach. I only share what I know. And what I know is relevant and in context. It's based on my experience. What's going to happen tonight? Wife has her own world. Do I want to listen to this music?

I can turn it off if I wanted to. I need to check the weather and see if I need to drive kids to school. We need to leave early. And what else is there. Done.