out to run

I am sleepy. I wonder if kate is ever going to go online. Six more minutes and I am gone from here. Am I coming on too strong? I hope not. I am just so eager to help out. I am excited about trading as a business that I am having a grand time connecting with people with the same interests.

I got a homerun trade from last night. It made five percent return. I think this has better potential than the last one I was using. The difference is that I get to trade far less than I used to. This is why I am looking at other charts so I can diversify and keep myself busy. I am sleepy. I remember that jollibee in roosevelt. It's a fun place. The kids loved going there. It's close and we go there to have a quick meal.

I don't think she is coming online. I can go out now and do my run. I can do something else for later on. She is going to email me if she wanted to go online. She's this old lady, about fifty or so and attends the trader meetups with her husband. She remids me of this lady I used to see on youtube. I wonder if that be her? I can look it up.

no. it's not her. There was a channel with that name, but it's a beauty channel run by preteens. That's amazing that just about anyone can start their own chanel on youtube. My son goes on youtueb regularly. He goes there to search for solutions on his games programming. I was able to help him out this morning. He was confused about file management. He was installing a mod for minecraft and couldn't understand the instructions.

If these instructions were clear enough, I bet he would have done it hmielf, like he always had. I can go out and run immediately after I finish these. I can do yoga later on. It's not going to rain. I can do shorts and just this jumper.

Kids have nice jumper. How much longer? I don't know. Is there a trade for me here? I don't think so. Do something else. I am happy that things worked out wel yesterday. A lot of learning there, and alignment. I did not know how that meeting with simon is going to benefit me. I just kept it open. Before midnight, I got my answer.

I picked up a few insights on trading. I applied it. They were answers to the questions that I had in the head. I got the answer in a few sentences that he let out. I picked up on it and that was the answer.