lewis michael hft

I don't know if I should start writing now. My son is getting up in a moment. He'll take attention away from the flow, but it's not really a distraction. It's that the flow has changed into that, the energ has hifted and that's where my attention needs to be. There is really no distraction.

On mondays, the path is cleared up. That's why we have weekends off trading. I see where I need to go. The stops are more evident this time. No need to trade any other way. How to take advantage of this?

Watch where price goes and how it plays areound me levels. Then watch atr. If it's odwn, that's when you open positions. You close them when it gets quiet again after a volatility breakout.

I see. It's those quiet moments where they decide to go and the volatility breakout on the other side confirms where things are headed, or not. And that's what is new this time. Is that necessary? I think so. I am testing now. I have a new blog. It's cold today. I will run sometime around noon when it's warmer and the sun is at its peak.

Or not. I will see what happens. I can do yoga in the morning, but there are things to do around here. I can do yoga while waiting for things to happen. It will help get me warmed up. Then I have the whole day to whatever needs to get done.

What else is there? I have next in line. The seeds seem to be not growing yet. Give it time. Trust the timing. It is cold this morning. This is his second winter. Time went by fast that time. Was I having fun? It is what it is. The energy ha hsifted. Is son going to school? Maybe. He was absent a lot last week.

I think he doesn't really want to go to school anymore. They are not doing a good job there. And people can't do anything about it. That school time is what they need to get other things done. Maybe there is a better way to do this? Like start off an apprenticeship training, but there are a lot of factors to consider.

We'll see. I can go there, or not. But is it that interesting to you? That is the question that I have when I see a fork in my path. If it looks interesting, then I choose that path. If not, do something else. Or maybe check the definitions tha ti have. That is also what the fork is there. To show you that maybe there is something that's out of alignment.

So how do you manage positions? No more take loss. Manage them. I can look into that and learn more about it. Should I be on demo?

Not really. I can trade this and see where this goes. Where do you put in the hedge? Is that a hedge or martingale? Which one is better? You need to consider what else is open. If it's the latter, you need to have deeper pockets. But I think it is going to work. The only consieration is that you have deeper pockets.

How to do that? I don't know. But you know where this is going. That is a risk, but we know what is going to happen here. Is aud going to go sideways? They have strong interest rates. That's why money is going there.

How to grow that? I don't know. It's not in my head so maybe I don't have to know htat. I only need to write what comes to mind. That screen is blank and when something shows up, I write that down. That is what this practice is about. Is this automatic writing?

no. I just write.