xubuntu runs great

I feel like an old man. Why is that? There's pain in my knee. Is this font good for me? I can try others. For now, it's ok. I will stick with this. Content is more important than how it looks.

Should I go long cable? It don't matter what others think. You do your own analysis, then trade on that. Listen to others and you are trading based on their predictions. These people are paid to make predictions, not to trade. There is a difference there. Of course, their predictions have to make sense.

I think this is a good os for me. It starts up rather longer than arch, but once it's up and running, everything runs smoothly. I can stick with this. I got what I needed from arch. It is time for me to move on.

I can do programming with this. I can install them programs when I need to. I have learned much from the experience with arch.

I ate my daughter's lunch without knowing she had it reserved. I feel bad about it. I can get her something later. Not today. Next time. I have that in my list. It was a good day today. I went out to paknsave to get some food. I got back, took a nap and woke up refreshed.

My knee hurts. I can skip yoga today and give it a break. I can resume tomorrow. I could have ran earlier, but it's best to take it easy. There's more to life than fitness. There is enjoying life and being in the moment.

Why do I compare myself to others? They are only different. Not one is better than the other. I can have my lunch later on. It's not exactly lunch. More like something to eat when I get hungry.

I can't eat like everyone else in this house. They are kids. They can get away with eating junk food all they want. I am not in that light anymore. My path sows me that there is something else to it. And so I see what is in this path. It's different. Not better or worse, but this is where I need to be. I can stick with this. I think I made some good research to get this running.

It looks great. Everything seems sharp and running fast enough. It's not like linuxmint's mate. I tried that, but I think I can run with this. This has been around for a while. It also has good community. That's important when picking an open source software.

You go back to the community when something goes wrong. That's where you get information. And I give back with the experience that I have with this. So far, it's good. I think I can run with this.

What else? Do I do three pages? It's too long. I just want to enjoy writing. And two pages is good enough. I have enough for two pages. When I need to, I will have enough for three pages or however many I need to write. When it's there, it's there.

Not much happening. I go to facebook to see what's happening. It's good that way. You get updated with relatives and friends. My kids don't care much about their relatives.

Their path is different. They probably are learning that friends are family. And that is true. I forgot to reply to mike's email. I can do that now after I finish this. And also reply to simon's message. Is that time to enter the trade?

Not yet. Do something else in the meantime. Writing is good. I will grab something to eat soon as I finish these. And then I can move on. Why is it this way? Maybe it's because it's a complete package. Arch was not meant to be that way. It is more like a teaching os. You learn from the experience.