movie last night

I was going to take a nap but I couldn't fall asleep. I had pepsi max, two cups earlier this morning. I guess I will do so later when the kids are back. I don't think I can attend, rather, choose not to attend the tech meetup at four. It's too close. If I can sleep now, then I can attend later.

I can bring the car as it looks like it is going to rain. How to pick up son? I am spending time with him and giving him more attention as the girls do not want to hang out with me. That is teenage life. Soon my son will also be a teenager. Maybe some of my teenagers will come around and hang out with their old man then.

I reinstalled xubuntu this morning. The keyboard couldn't output properly and I can't get through the encryption. I removed all that this time. It was rough sailing in the beginning. Once I had my foot in the door, everything else fell into place.

What to do next? Is it going to rain? There is a light shower right now. Is that going to continue? If so, I will have to pick up girls from school. We'll see later. I have seen weather to clear up when it was time to get them. I don't think they have phone balance to text or call me later if I can't pick up.

I told them earlier that if it were raining, i'll come pick up. Why not just do it then? How to pick up my son? I don't know where to park the car. It's too close to park the car at the field then walk up. I may have to go on foot.

That is the easy way out, path of least resistance. I will come back and get the girls then. I think that sounds logical. Do it that way. It's already september. We have spring coming up. I want to go out. I can run tomorrow. Why did I not run today? There was the os reinstall. Do I need to network? Not really. I only need to do what's interesting for me. If it's not interesting, then it has to be somewhat related to what interests me. That's the path I am in.

I don't have to force anything. I think there be fleas here now. I have those bites. And it is getting cold. What to do now? Finish writing two pages then post. Then I can do something else. It is almost two. I leave at half past two. That's enough time to get there and get my kid. Unless I do things differently.

I think we need an umbrella in this house. What else to do? I don't know. Be in the light. Only write. This is here. I enjoyed the movie las tnight. It was totally connected to my path. The people I was with did not like it. For them. The metaphysics was just so out there. Things did not connect for them.

I did not explain things to them. It's not in their frequency anyway. If I did explain it to them eloquently, I don't think I can put them in the same light. It's just out there for them. So I kept myself quiet and reveled in the magic of that movie.

I can go see that again next year. For now, I have the message. Things are on the way. Everything is in the light. What's next? Only be. Nothing else is out there. I think that's what I am out to? I don't know if that is the right set of words to use. Why not elaborate?

I forgot what I was writing about. I don't have to go there. There is only here and now. I am getting sleepy again. I think I should email jeff. I told him last night to text me if he was going to the meetup. I don't have balance to reply.

draft day next

It is thursday. There was fire downstairs. I think they are going to be careful now, or at least shift vibrations. Have I shifted vibrations? Maybe so. I can make changes to settings and make them permanent. Or I can leave them as such.

Impressive that the firemen came in such short notice. There were not a lot of traffic. The roads give way to these emergency vehicles. And they know what they are doing. Third world countries do not have such. And that is part of the process. No need to judge or invalidate as good or bad, one better than the other. It is there for a reason. See it that way.

What is in store for the day? I can go out and ride. I can go out and run. Or go for a long walk. Whatever makes you get in the light. It is a quick decision that gets you there. What else is there for me?

I don't know. I can get a birthday gift for my daughter. She needs one and I think there is one for sale. I can get her two. Or just one. How come they don't last very long? Are they disposable?

Maybe get a good brand. Those others are probably not in your neighborhood. There is so much hidden. No need to hide things. I am not happy? It is dependent on my thoughts. I know things. I can go there and see what happens. Go for alignment.

I can write ten pages when I get bored. Or when something needs to come out, I start writing. When I am going through a process and don't know what to do next, I write about it. Writing puts it out there. I get a third person perspective to what is happening. And maybe more. I don't know what that is, but writing helps.

This is now page two. I can walk my son to school if he wants me to. I can go there and drop off that cap. I don't think i'll be needing it. Or give it someplace else. Put it up so whoever owned it will see it. I washed it already.

And if that really mattered? I don't know. This is now page two. What else is there? I have a working prototype. I will run this and get to the other side. No need to be greedy. Everything is a reflection of something. Go do that.

Do I need … made a stop tehre as daughter asked me a question. Do I need to see them videos? Only if they interest me. If not, then I don't have to see them. I can go out and get good coffee. Or I can choose to do something else.

Going to that place there sounds good. What else can I do here? The kids can absent next week. There is a lot hidden from the warden. No need to go there. That is the warden's rerogative. Do I have to define everything in that light? Meaning it is not bad, it is only so. It is how you define things that you get the reflection. Even so, everything is contrast. You define the frequency and that will solidify to become the experience. Experience is the ice or solid manifestation.

This is where I am. This is my process. There is no need to be someplace else. Only be in your light. I think you will know when things start to open up. And then you will get something else in return. And that's how things are.

What else is there? Is it important to get draft pick? How can a player get to the top of the draft if his team doesn't support him? I don't know. I don't think that is entirely possible. Maybe there is something there. I can go out for a run later.

zihuatanejo in da light

No reference, no clues. I am now on the dufresne path. Things changed over the weekend. I see that I cannot change the outside. Therefore, choices are now being made on the inside. No need to see a one on one reflection. Things are different now. Respond as such.

What's up for tonight? No need to tell them how things are. It will never be. Be civil about it. Show what they want to see. If you are of my frequency, then you will find me. If not, then you will not. They know who I am. Should I go after them? If they want to be in my light, then they too will find me. If not, so be it. That's how things are meant.

I don't have to change anyone. I can only change myself. Things are different now. I am typing slower. I was not able to write the last two days. Things are different. How to make that ea? I don't know. Maybe it needed a restart. I can do that. Or do something in alignment. I think that is the better way to do it. Everything is in alignment here. Do I need to get another one.

And this is page one. Just write. Be in thelight. No need to change what is on the outside. This is my story. And what is it about? It's always changing. It's not that I am beaten, but that I don't have to fight in those terms. I can choose my own battles. It's not even about fighting anymore. It's about being in the light and that everything reflects off that light.

Should I, do I want to go there tonight? I don't have anything else. I don't think it's going to hurt to go there. I would rather sit and do nothing with my kids than go on a world tour with the warden. Is that what the situation is?

It's only a metaphor. No need to mention names or make references. Things have already shifted. Do I want to see that movie again? It is part of my folklore. And it's a good movie anyway. I can go see it today.

There's plenty of laundry. I can do three sets. The minis go outside. The ones that won't fit in the hampers. The rest will do just fine. What else is there? How will it be exciting? There will be choices that are in alignment. And then things will accelerate. Everything expands from that reflection. There will be contrast. There is always contrast. But you don't have to respond to it. It's there to show you that you have a choice.

And the kids are learning that. They can see that. I don't think the kids are going to be messed up. We have the foundation set. I can give clues there. I think they will know where to find me.

Do I go back to pines? No need. It'snot me anymore. I am going in that direction now. Things are now different. I am surrunded by that frequency. That is how you change things. Did they just make it cheaper?

no. this is the path. You already have everything. You only need t obe in the light to see everything. You d'nt even need thoe light. Only be in the frequency. I am repeating myeslf. So be it. No need to fight it. Farms are good, but not necessary anymore. It's overhead. I can do something else.

Like what? I don't know what it looks like on the outside, but I know how it feels. It is automated. No need to run it. I only need to check on how things are doing. And then what? There are two ways of doing things.


trader grind move

I am upset. My son is having anxiety about going to school. He wants to stay at home and be homeschooled. I am not sure he understands these things, but I amconfident that I can come up with a curriculum that he will enjoy. It's just that I have to deal with a wife that doesn't get it.

And we are going out of town this weekend and I am supposed to keep my mouth shut. There's a lot of resentment in me. I like this music. It's nice and easy. It puts me in the light.

This is why I go to soundcloud. It's not commercial music. It's music made by people who are passionate about their genre. It doesn't have to sell. What they are after are likes and recognition(?). I wonder if that is the right term for that.

I am going to pick up son later before eleven. That's their morning tea. He doesn't have to stay at school all day. If I had homeschooled them, what will they learn? Programming first and foremost. I am going to teach them how to create websites. They will use google a lot. They will learn how to think for themselves.

And why is there contrast with the wife? And why am I upset with that? Why can't I use that? Because I can't use it. The only way I see that I can use it is to cause me to move in a certain direction. To change myself and move out. Will that break the family? How will that affect the children?

It's going to look like I broke the family. But in a higher perspective, she was the one who's negative. I have been positive all this time. Not moving with my synchronicity only causes pain for myself.

What now? Use the energy. Something is going to watermelon here. It can't go this way or that. Something big is bound to happen. Will I be ready for it? I think so. I have been in the light all this time. Surely something is there. I don't know what it is right now, but I have been in the light. Anything and everything that will happen is going to be a reflection of my light. No one is to blame. There is only here and now. Everything is here and now.

Can I write about this? Of course I can. It's why I am writing. It's why these things are happening, so I can write about it. I have been in so much pain these last few days. Robin williams' passing was the trigger. It was a big happening. And he was a willing participant there. It hink he knew what was to happen, in a way. Maybe the local mind couldn't grasp it, but from a higher perspective, everything was good.

What to do now? Finish these, tthen post. Then I will look around for what's next. The kids' room needs vacuuming. This nook of mine needs vacuuming as well. That's going to be next. Then I go out and pick up my son from school. If he's not there after a few minutes, I go and get him from the classroom.

How are things going to happen? No need for resentment. Use the energy to get you going. No need for judgement. This is why I write. Things get clarified when I write. No need to process them in my head. By putting it out there, I get to clarify things in myself.

And what happened there? I don't know. I feel lighter now. Do I save this? No need. I can record my playlist and have it saved. Or not. Maybe I can go through the process and not be someone else. Wife does not get it. She thinks that her job and income from that is sufficient. Maybe it is. She is right in a way. Everyone is. It is their part of the universe.

stopped out blind

Son did not go to school today. He looked weakened last night, I don't know what that was. His mom saw it too. I decided that he not go to school. He made it look good, so he deserves this reward.

Cable is dropping. No news right now. What move is this? H1 was at overbought. I think this is a reaction to that, plus the thin market. Or ny session is about to close. Where to take profits?

Look to price action and see where this leads to. I'd rather watch price action as I now have my stop at breakeven. The sooner price moves away from that, the better things are. At least I am trading the market for free. Even if others say that it's not entirely free because of the spreads, etc, my stop is at breakeven. This could go anywhere now and I will not be at a loss.

So what now? Write morning pages as I listen to music. It's that iceland chic. She's like popular there, but now is going nowhere. It's life. We all get our fifteen minutes of fame. I am at relapse? no. this is contrast. There is a difference.

I am a different person based on the choices I now make. The contrast is that it's like a higher spiral. You never cross the same river twice. It's there, but I am a different person. For one, I am responding differently. No matter how many times you cross that same river, you are a ifferent person—even if you are making those same choices.

How to go about this? Is that a reverse candle? It looks valid. Price is at buffer zone. Do I close this trade? Let the market tell you when to get off. I have my stops, I don't have to concern myself with that.

Do I need that mfi? It's there, but the atr trail is more reliable. When price touches then the trail shifts, that tells me that there's a shift in the market that's about to happen.

The stops are deep and that's ok. When I get on that trend and it goes all the way, those deep stops are paid back. It's like trading for free. And these are the insights you get when you watch the charts all the time. Is there a better way to go in sooner? I don't think so. Whenit doesn't touch them trails, nothing is going to happen. I can wait for a pullback, but sometimes they don't happen. I think it's better to open a trade then ride that wave.

And this is why I write. Son is sitting on the opposite table doing minecraft. I think this is a better use of his time. He learns how to solve problems. His teachers couldn't teach that. They are paid employees. They don't care much about these things.

How can I change that? Maybe talk to the principal and ask that he be given an opportunity to explore these. You can't just go in there and teach. They have a union to block that. It's not good because progress is gone. They only protect their jobs.

It's good for a while, but long term, everyone is losing. You don't have the motivation to get better. You get paid, and then you settle in until you retire. If you were that kind of teacher, the students will have a hard time there.

What now? I don't know. The gays are there. What if that were you, how will you respond? I don't know. The reyes guy, I don't see him in there anymore. I think he changed his settings and cleaned up his wall.

That's life.

stop on reverse

Qbit is so much faster than deluge. It's that python vs native code. Native is closer to low level, hence they run faster. The thing about it is that it's harder to learn? Now there's dlang. I think this one has potential. It's just that those who pay the programmers use native and legacy code. That's why they need to be around. It's much cheaper to maintain them than to start over from scratch. But if you want it tao last, the best way is to start from scratch.

And how do you get in there? No need. I can choose where and how to use it. I use it to get my stuff going. I want to go out today. I did yoga yesterday. I can do something else today. This morning looks dandy for a ride.

I can do the bedsheets this morning, then vacuum the room. The kid's room also needs vacuuming. I think smokey notified me of it and that's why he doesn't spend much time inside the house. It's that communication thing.

I am putting too much thinking into this. Is there a way to trade this better? I think so. And psar is also a good indicator. But you need to time it in such a way that you can trade the big moves. Tokyo session looks good. And how much stop is there whenever you make a rade? Ten pips. Can you get that back easy?

The thing is, I am looking for those big swings. What worked before was those scalps. I took what I can and ran with it. I can do the same with ej. It's such a low spread that I can do the same and it won't run too far. How to do that?

I don't know yet. Sure you do. You have been here for a while. You know what to do. I do. It's already there. Everything is connected. The kid wanted a wakeup call. It's good that they don't watch the disney channel anymore. It's sickening. They show the same thing over and over for a year and then they upgrade the shows and then do it again the following year. It's all about profits.

And what else can we do about this? I don't know yet. Just do this and see what happens. I don't know. It's a friday. Scalp and see how far it goes. Let's do that then. Or do nothing at all. Today is day one. I have that outside of me. It's a different response that I make this time. I can even do that hobsonville ride. I don't have to go to the city. I can ride to springville and get that over with.

What else is there? It's a good ride. I don't have to be so warmed up. All I need is water. The ride to the city is good as well. I can do that on weekends. Do my kids need me at home? I only choose that. I can leave them on tehir own and they can take care of themselves. Wife is away at work anyway. This is supported. I don't even need to lift a finger. Now I accelerate.

It's been a long time since i've had a winning week. What can I do about it? I tihnk the stop is too shallow. Or maybe it's there alright, but I can make changes. Do that when I finish these. Or maybe put that on where it's so far that I can trade the reverse pattern instead. That way. It's safe and doesn't get touched.

What you are looking for is that reverse pattern anyway. Is that a good entry there? It's pulled back to that level. I can go for the tte. And then see what happens from there. This is a pretty good way to do things. I don't need anything from the library.

I can go to birkenhead. It's a much longer ride and downhill all the way. Aneother is brown's bay. That is an awesome place to go to.

not allowing now?

I feel lost again. I think qbit is faster than deluge. Although the latter has more functions, it's pretty much the same. Qbit is cpp on qt. I think I was there before. The compile takes time, but once you have it up and running, it's fast.

This is why I am on python and dlang. Python to get me the libraries and a path, dlang for under the hood. Dlang also has this tutorial that teaches me the low level things.

And this is a good path. Yesterday, I learned about functions and tuples. I am going forward with this. I am not having fun here. It's all work. No need to blame other people for it. It is the choices I make. And only I can make the choice. Everything else reflects off that.

How do I go from here? Get out there. I can run later. I can go out and ride my bike. I can go to the city. I can do yoga. There are lots of things that I can do. I will be infront of the computer everyday anyway, why not take the weekend off?

Nothing I do now will get me one step closer. Do that and the reflection brings everything. You will be in that frequency. Is that fear? It is an invitation? Why not be a friend to yourself? And not judge it as something different? There is no bad thing? Only your definitions say it is. Be open.

It's not about that. Three more to go and I am like less than an hour through. Deluge was not this fast. Even if there were more seeds, deluge did not finish this fast. Or maybe I am wrong. And that's ok. This is the morning pages anyway.

What else can I do about it? I keep blaming my wife for it, but it's all my reflection. Nothing else is there. I think you see the point here. Be that which you seek today. There is, everything is here and now. Is this the reflection you prefer? If not, use the energy. Everything is here for you. Use it.

It's only a definition. It is still connected. Why is that an issue with me? Why is it that I have this? This is my path. This is the energy that I use. Not that my path is worse. It is only different. No need to when I get there. Everything is here and now. I am learning so much about programming even if others are already there.

What else can I do about this? There are things you will learn. I think you know where this is headed. There is python. There is ruby if you need it. You know how to go there. Do it then.

I see. No need for a different install. Everything is here and now. Do I need windows? I don't think that is necessary. Work with what you got. That is there for a reason.

And there is a story everywhere. See the sroy. Write about it. And then some more. Do I go there? The weather is changing. I think there was a light shower earlier. I need to vacuum this work area. The kids don't do it. They can, but I took over it. I want to do a better job at it.

You make it a habit for them to build up their self esteem. Everything else reflects off that. And it's not even the habit. It is the choices you make in the moment. And no need to judge yourself. What if the wife is about that?

I can explain things to her, but she don't get it. Then I do things her way. I see. What time you go monday? Go thursday. Then schedule on wednesday or something. Go early in the morning. The id I can use to open my own account.

It be easy for all.