draft day next

It is thursday. There was fire downstairs. I think they are going to be careful now, or at least shift vibrations. Have I shifted vibrations? Maybe so. I can make changes to settings and make them permanent. Or I can leave them as such.

Impressive that the firemen came in such short notice. There were not a lot of traffic. The roads give way to these emergency vehicles. And they know what they are doing. Third world countries do not have such. And that is part of the process. No need to judge or invalidate as good or bad, one better than the other. It is there for a reason. See it that way.

What is in store for the day? I can go out and ride. I can go out and run. Or go for a long walk. Whatever makes you get in the light. It is a quick decision that gets you there. What else is there for me?

I don't know. I can get a birthday gift for my daughter. She needs one and I think there is one for sale. I can get her two. Or just one. How come they don't last very long? Are they disposable?

Maybe get a good brand. Those others are probably not in your neighborhood. There is so much hidden. No need to hide things. I am not happy? It is dependent on my thoughts. I know things. I can go there and see what happens. Go for alignment.

I can write ten pages when I get bored. Or when something needs to come out, I start writing. When I am going through a process and don't know what to do next, I write about it. Writing puts it out there. I get a third person perspective to what is happening. And maybe more. I don't know what that is, but writing helps.

This is now page two. I can walk my son to school if he wants me to. I can go there and drop off that cap. I don't think i'll be needing it. Or give it someplace else. Put it up so whoever owned it will see it. I washed it already.

And if that really mattered? I don't know. This is now page two. What else is there? I have a working prototype. I will run this and get to the other side. No need to be greedy. Everything is a reflection of something. Go do that.

Do I need … made a stop tehre as daughter asked me a question. Do I need to see them videos? Only if they interest me. If not, then I don't have to see them. I can go out and get good coffee. Or I can choose to do something else.

Going to that place there sounds good. What else can I do here? The kids can absent next week. There is a lot hidden from the warden. No need to go there. That is the warden's rerogative. Do I have to define everything in that light? Meaning it is not bad, it is only so. It is how you define things that you get the reflection. Even so, everything is contrast. You define the frequency and that will solidify to become the experience. Experience is the ice or solid manifestation.

This is where I am. This is my process. There is no need to be someplace else. Only be in your light. I think you will know when things start to open up. And then you will get something else in return. And that's how things are.

What else is there? Is it important to get draft pick? How can a player get to the top of the draft if his team doesn't support him? I don't know. I don't think that is entirely possible. Maybe there is something there. I can go out for a run later.