movie last night

I was going to take a nap but I couldn't fall asleep. I had pepsi max, two cups earlier this morning. I guess I will do so later when the kids are back. I don't think I can attend, rather, choose not to attend the tech meetup at four. It's too close. If I can sleep now, then I can attend later.

I can bring the car as it looks like it is going to rain. How to pick up son? I am spending time with him and giving him more attention as the girls do not want to hang out with me. That is teenage life. Soon my son will also be a teenager. Maybe some of my teenagers will come around and hang out with their old man then.

I reinstalled xubuntu this morning. The keyboard couldn't output properly and I can't get through the encryption. I removed all that this time. It was rough sailing in the beginning. Once I had my foot in the door, everything else fell into place.

What to do next? Is it going to rain? There is a light shower right now. Is that going to continue? If so, I will have to pick up girls from school. We'll see later. I have seen weather to clear up when it was time to get them. I don't think they have phone balance to text or call me later if I can't pick up.

I told them earlier that if it were raining, i'll come pick up. Why not just do it then? How to pick up my son? I don't know where to park the car. It's too close to park the car at the field then walk up. I may have to go on foot.

That is the easy way out, path of least resistance. I will come back and get the girls then. I think that sounds logical. Do it that way. It's already september. We have spring coming up. I want to go out. I can run tomorrow. Why did I not run today? There was the os reinstall. Do I need to network? Not really. I only need to do what's interesting for me. If it's not interesting, then it has to be somewhat related to what interests me. That's the path I am in.

I don't have to force anything. I think there be fleas here now. I have those bites. And it is getting cold. What to do now? Finish writing two pages then post. Then I can do something else. It is almost two. I leave at half past two. That's enough time to get there and get my kid. Unless I do things differently.

I think we need an umbrella in this house. What else to do? I don't know. Be in the light. Only write. This is here. I enjoyed the movie las tnight. It was totally connected to my path. The people I was with did not like it. For them. The metaphysics was just so out there. Things did not connect for them.

I did not explain things to them. It's not in their frequency anyway. If I did explain it to them eloquently, I don't think I can put them in the same light. It's just out there for them. So I kept myself quiet and reveled in the magic of that movie.

I can go see that again next year. For now, I have the message. Things are on the way. Everything is in the light. What's next? Only be. Nothing else is out there. I think that's what I am out to? I don't know if that is the right set of words to use. Why not elaborate?

I forgot what I was writing about. I don't have to go there. There is only here and now. I am getting sleepy again. I think I should email jeff. I told him last night to text me if he was going to the meetup. I don't have balance to reply.