stop on reverse

Qbit is so much faster than deluge. It's that python vs native code. Native is closer to low level, hence they run faster. The thing about it is that it's harder to learn? Now there's dlang. I think this one has potential. It's just that those who pay the programmers use native and legacy code. That's why they need to be around. It's much cheaper to maintain them than to start over from scratch. But if you want it tao last, the best way is to start from scratch.

And how do you get in there? No need. I can choose where and how to use it. I use it to get my stuff going. I want to go out today. I did yoga yesterday. I can do something else today. This morning looks dandy for a ride.

I can do the bedsheets this morning, then vacuum the room. The kid's room also needs vacuuming. I think smokey notified me of it and that's why he doesn't spend much time inside the house. It's that communication thing.

I am putting too much thinking into this. Is there a way to trade this better? I think so. And psar is also a good indicator. But you need to time it in such a way that you can trade the big moves. Tokyo session looks good. And how much stop is there whenever you make a rade? Ten pips. Can you get that back easy?

The thing is, I am looking for those big swings. What worked before was those scalps. I took what I can and ran with it. I can do the same with ej. It's such a low spread that I can do the same and it won't run too far. How to do that?

I don't know yet. Sure you do. You have been here for a while. You know what to do. I do. It's already there. Everything is connected. The kid wanted a wakeup call. It's good that they don't watch the disney channel anymore. It's sickening. They show the same thing over and over for a year and then they upgrade the shows and then do it again the following year. It's all about profits.

And what else can we do about this? I don't know yet. Just do this and see what happens. I don't know. It's a friday. Scalp and see how far it goes. Let's do that then. Or do nothing at all. Today is day one. I have that outside of me. It's a different response that I make this time. I can even do that hobsonville ride. I don't have to go to the city. I can ride to springville and get that over with.

What else is there? It's a good ride. I don't have to be so warmed up. All I need is water. The ride to the city is good as well. I can do that on weekends. Do my kids need me at home? I only choose that. I can leave them on tehir own and they can take care of themselves. Wife is away at work anyway. This is supported. I don't even need to lift a finger. Now I accelerate.

It's been a long time since i've had a winning week. What can I do about it? I tihnk the stop is too shallow. Or maybe it's there alright, but I can make changes. Do that when I finish these. Or maybe put that on where it's so far that I can trade the reverse pattern instead. That way. It's safe and doesn't get touched.

What you are looking for is that reverse pattern anyway. Is that a good entry there? It's pulled back to that level. I can go for the tte. And then see what happens from there. This is a pretty good way to do things. I don't need anything from the library.

I can go to birkenhead. It's a much longer ride and downhill all the way. Aneother is brown's bay. That is an awesome place to go to.